Italian MG base size?

  • Looking at grabbing some Italians for a kitbash but wanting to keep my custom basing consistent in style - can anyone confirm what diameter I'd need to fit the gunner & tripod?

    Assuming the regulars are 25mm, this looks like 40mm - does that sound right?

  • @fodzilla 

    Not ignoring you.

    I just don't have the Italian kit, and not the biggest fan of conjecture.  

    I THINK your are correct on the 40mm.  I mounted some Imperial Guard 2nd Edition heavy bolsters with gunner on 40mm bases back in the day and it looked a lot like that.

  • I would echo @JTam  I have one of the Italian heavy MGs but have not built it yet, it is still on the sprue.

  • Appreciate the comments. Please do let me know @Grumpy Gnome if/when you put it together.

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