Plastic WWI Tanks

  • If WGA really want to satisfy a gap in the market, plastic 28mm WWI tanks would be a big hit I'd wager.

    The only previous 28mm WWI tanks made were Warlord's resin ones - they made British Mark IV Male, Female and Hermaphrodite:

    The infamous German A7V:

    And the French Renault FT-17 and Saint-Chamond:


    These looked pretty good, but in their infinite lack of wisdom Warlord have now stopped making all of them except the Renault to make further space to satisfy their insatiable desire to make new WWII stuff. With these gone, the only other WWI tank model kits available are in 1:35 (too big) or 1:72 (too small) scale, meaning hobbyists either have to revert to one of those scales for WWI gaming (the former being too big really to make suitably-large armies and the latter being difficult to convert and kitbash models) or scratch-build their own (which I'd rather not do). Thus I put it to the legion of WGA fans to back me up here - plastic 28mm WWI tanks, at WGA's normal prices, would be a need well and truly satisfied, not just for WWI players but also for Sci-Fi players wanting to convert their own armoured vehicles for whatever human or alien race they are fielding (as WWI tanks, because most had no turrets, are arguably more of a 'blank canvas' for tank converters than later machines).

    What do you think of this idea? Any particular WWI tanks you'd like to see other than the usual suspects above?

  • I would love to see  all of the  above WW1 tanks released in plastic,along with the French Schneider and British Whippet. I don't game,model or collect any Warhammer stuff,but their tanks that I have seen pictures of, look really close to the rhomboid shaped British tanks of WW1.I would think that the WW1 tanks in plastic, could also be used as proxy tanks in Warhammer. You could always add lasers and turrets to them.

  • I'd really like to see a detailed 28mm ft 75 bs and the other less known renault ft variants as I've only found a 75 bs low poly 3d print and the others in different scales.

    Renault ft 75 bs prototype

    Peugeot ft 75 bs prototype

    Ft 75 bs production model

    Renault ft ammo carrier

    other variants

  • Phalanx Consortium makes a resin 1/50th FT17.  Hopefully this marks a shift to 1/50th by more manufacturers.