Conquistador Halflings

  • I Saw another good conversion by @Lucas Williams on Facebook. It was a halfling with a Conquistador head and arms. 


    I had previously made some halfling handgunners based on a great conversion by @Araden Kwyll , But had never thought of using Conquistadior heads on the halflings. 

    So I made a small (dad joke) 6 man unit. The Leader has a warlord landsknecht head. The troopers have morion heads and Warlord landsknecht hand guns. These are the extra hand guns you get 1 to a sprue on the landsknecht pike sprue. 

    The handguns were used as is... no cutting or trimming as they seem to fit pretty well on the halfling body. The leaders arms did get trimmed on his sword arm and shield arm. 

    The last picture is a Warlod landsnecht for scale. 

  • More pics

  • Very nice indeed -as usual, I think it is quite time for you to reconsider a name change, like Caballero Guillermo del Rojo Vado..

    Awesome idea and conversion ... 👌

  • @Steven StGeorges ha! In spanish class my teacher used to call me Guillermo... ahhh 30 years ago... :) 

    and my mother's maiden name was Villarejo. 


  • @William Redford 

    Argh a pity you did miss my Princess Bride reference... you know... Inigo 😞

    Anyway, one more time you just proved the awesome compatibility and versatility of WGA sets. Quite sure you are going to dazzle us with the upcoming Conquistadores Cavalry set... 👌

  • @Steven StGeorges Yeah. I missed the Princess Bride reference. The Conq cavalry are definitely something I am looking forward to... but it doesnt look like they will be this year... as they were one of the sets in that poll to see what people wanted released first. The ogres won... (which I am looking forward to as well, so am not disapointed). But it does mean a delay on the Cavalry. But we did see that Haflings are getting cavalry too. So good stuff all around. 

  • One small niggle... with beards they are more Dwarves than Halflings.

  • @Mark Dewis  yeah. There is one morion head without beard. And the face is actually a little rounder and more "halfling" too. I am making a unit of 20 of these guys (12 done so far) and didn't have enough beardless heads to do all of them... 

  • @Mark Dewis @William Redford "HAR" But we be Conquistadores Halflings, do you know how long it took for some of us to grow them.😺

  • @Mark Dewis @William Redford 

    We could just pretend it is a Gnomish Handgunner unit with an Halfing leader 😄

  • A self respecting gnome would wear shoes though... So either these are halflings with fake beards to instil fear in their enemies... or they are gnomes who dont respect themselves. I can actually work with either of those. :)

  • With all the wondeful things you've been doing, I'm glad that you chose the conquistador/landsnecht army. 

  • Beards can be filed off...

    Get to work with that Dremel!

    Also... I know anything pretty much goes as far as who wears what helmets in this era, but I tend to associate morion helmets with pike blocks. Maybe the Halfling gunners should have floppy hats? IIRC there's a lot of beardless hat heads in the GW Empire sprues that people may have spare. Warlord *might* be worth checking too - I think they have a metal or resin morion head sprue.

    In any case, excellent work, as always!

  • @Mark Dewis yeah warlord does have plastic morions (I think one or 2 per sprue) in their ecw pike box. They also have metal morions with and without feathers and a more cone version (that I have no idea what the name is). A bought a bunch when I placed my last big sprue order which was probably 10 years back. I still have about 20... but do have a small ECW army of about 150 all with them. 

    I wpuld love if they sold the plastic ones as a set of like 30 to a sprue... the metals ones aren't bad but the casting is not super great. And now minumum warlord order and shipping make them a no for me. Though there was one US eBay vendor that occasionally has them in stock. 

  • Warlord designed their ECW kits to do double duty as 30YW, which is why there's a few head sprues.

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