Goblin compatability

  • Hello all, just asking for help for a future project.
    Does anyone have a picture, or even information on the compatability of the "riders" in the Goblin box and the new Horses box?
    Thank you in advance.

  • @Vitor Soares I bought a sprue of the horses and a sprue of the goblins.. at the same time... but assembled them all and not together... so no. I have no idea how well they would fit.

    I would suggest if you are concerned. Buy a sprue of each before you commit. @Lord Marcus has a shop and has both of those sprues. mcdougall designs sprues

  • Don't have the horses, but I can give you some measurements on the hobbos.

    First things first, there are two torsos and two pairs of legs and you can NOT mix&match them out of the box. One of them has samurai-like faulds on the torso, the other has some scrappy metal bits strapped to one thigh. You could probably trim off these faulds and swap the bodies, but I didn't try.

    The cutouts for the horse bodies are basically trapezoidal. They are 6-7mm deep, 13mm wide at the heels, and taper to 8-9mm wide at the seat. There is a bunch of bangles and baubles and armor and pant seams and straps and joints making these lines a little bumpy.

    The guy with the samurai faulds can stand on his own without a base and has a reasonably naturally sculpted pants seat, with not a whole lot of contact area to the saddle - roughly 2.5mm back to front, in a bit of a triangle (knees out front instead of splayed straight to the side). The other guy has skirt curtains hanging down front and back, forming a big flat seat area about 7mm long front to back. The front skirt is 4mm wide, the back skirt 6mm.

  • @Blutze Thanks, you were really helpful. I can work with those measures.

  • @William Redford I know the shop, and it sounds like a good ideia, but I live in Portugal, and the posting charges alone would make it almost better to buy the boxes. Also your idea, in theory, would be the best thing to do.

  • You live in Portugal. Well I am jealous. Maryland seems smaller and somehow lesser now. :) But Seriously though... Yeah no, I really am jealous. 

  • @William Redford I have been to Maryland, and I liked it. Living in Portugal is very nice, except in what our hobby is concerned. 
    If you are curious, I am originally from the Alentejo region, but currently live in the Azores.
    Both are diferent kinds of paradises, both take for ever to get a package with miniatures (at least three months in the Azores, seriously).
    Come visit, great food, great wine, great beaches and loads of history. And fairly cheap.

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