The Great Lizard Horde

  • Do you hear the earth tremble at sound of clawed feet upon the earth? Do you see the clouds of dust kicked up by the swish of tails?

    Tremble then, human, at the coming of the Great Lizard Horde of Kas Suathrass!

    Bow now, and swear fealty and the great Kas Suathrass will spare you. Resist, and your lands shall know nothing but death and slavery.

    You have been warned human - decide quickly, for his vanguard approaches!


    I thought it was time to upload some pics of my own lizardman project from where I last left off, but decided to make a new thread to chronicle my efforts now that I think I'm on the record as wanting more tails, more weapons and more evertyhing lizardmen.* ;)


    *However, make no mistake - I'm looking greatly forward ot those scalre armored legionaries and thureophoroi. You think these conversions are nice, just you wait till I get my hands on them!



  • And yes, I know there are plenty of touch-ups to do. It's just it had been so long since i had last said anything about them (because they have been in various stages of unfinished for the longest time) that I just got excited to put them up.

    If I can get my hands on the right shields, I would love to round out my sword lizards to 15, and my lizard phalanx to a full 30. At that point I can rest easy. I would like to flesh out som elight infantry in the form of javlin/harpoon lizards but I just don't have great options for what they can hold in thier left hands. In a perfect situation tha would have bundles of more harpoons, but the distinctive harpoon head on the right arm looks a bit strange when I try to mix in javlin bundles froom say a victrix kit or something. (Bows are a non option, as it force the mighty lizard host to be land based only -on account of getting bow strings wet. The Lizard would much rather have a fully amphibeous force, and so for ranged support harpoons are the only answer.)

  • and so for ranged support harpoons are the only answer

    Have you heard of our lord and savior P'toohee? I got 60-odd of the 5th edition archers for 20€ and a ~1000pt army of 6th/7th edition stuff for ~40€, so I'm definitely gonna hand out some tubes (and some curly greenstuff tails).

  • @Blutze I have! But honestly my little project is something of a conscious effort to get away from GW Meso-American influences. It's the biggest reason I took the shields from the Kairic Acolyte kit (or at least certain shields - there are a fair number in the kit that I didn't think 'worked') aside from just finding the look of the shields pleasing.

    Now don't get me wrong - I've seen the pics of what some others are doing with the WGA Lizardmen and Aztec kits, and I think those kit bashes are just great! Even had me briefly think about reconsidering my stance a bit! But in the end I decided to re-commit, as I want to see where this experiment ends up taking me in the long run.

  • Nice looking Lizardmen you have there, good use of Kairic Acolyte shields to create something different. What game do you plan to use them in?

    I particularly like the spears you have chosen for them, much better than the puny, primitive-looking ones that come in the Lizardman kit, where did they come from?

  • @Caratacus Well, to be fair I like the thought of using the spears that come with the kit as harpoons/javlins. (I say harpoon as it looks to me like there is some kind of rope wrapped around them.)

    But as regular line infantry I agree- they don't work well. So I replaced them with the thing I had the most of laying around unused, which was a mix of victrix and warlord games spears. I had bought a couple of sprues for various kits off ebay (Romans, Greeks, Carthaginans of various stripes) as I've mostly gotten fed up with GW prices, and really dont like how much scale creep has set in on fantasy.

    However, there are some favorite conversions of mine that I just loooove, and wanted to see if I could recreate in a scale iI like with a more historical look. Sadly, the Victrix kits are just a bit too flat for me, but it did lead me to WGA which is nice.

    However, funny enough, I wasnt crazy about the match between WGA spears and the lizardmen- the other campanies spears fit much better into thier hands when drilling a hole. (I believe using a 2mm pin drill head. However, be aware that most of these spears have larger heads and butts, which means you'll need to cut them in two, and re-glue them inside the drilled hole. However, out of 18 spear lizards, only one of them has a spear that keeps giving me grief and doesnt want to stay glued, which are pretty good numbers IMO.)

  • @Caratacus Oh! and as for what game, presently a buddy and I are ceveloping some RPG-lite/ co-op game rules using a D10 system, so these are mostly intended as baddies for that as we gear up for a point where we turn theory into practice with play testing.

    However, thier first outing will be tomorrow when I use some of my students guinea pigs. They have been using our system for a couple of weeks now in a special summer program I got to start up at my school. They have fought through forces of bandits (frostgrave barbarians and soldiers kits), pirates (frostgrave crew members and cultists) and now onto an isle of the Lizardman empire, where a rogue noble is attempting to summon a greater demon/lesser god who will take the form of a hydra for the upcoming epic conclusion to thier adventures.


    Edit: And yes, I realize all my typos are unbecomming of a teacher, but a combination of no spell check on this forum that I can find, and a need for speed when typing and a no-looking-back attitude while typing don't help me around here. ;)

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