The 224th Lidosian Sturmjäger Regiment

  • Hey Folks,

    I had some spare bits laying around and began toying around


    This is Knight Commander Hermann Dreschen of the 224th Lidosian Sturmjäger Regiment. His coat and arms are GW tempestus scions and the rest are leftovers from the old Dreamforge Valkir kit.

    Now a box of Grognards and a box of Iron Core Stormtroopers are on the way. I plan to kitbash Line troops with grognard bodies and Iron Core heads. And when the Valkir Box hits the shelf the heavy guys will follow

  • All the bling.

  • That guy looks badass.  I wouldn't have thought Valkir and Stormtrooper parts would work that well together.  The chain is a nice touch.

    Looking forward to seeing your Grognard/Eisenkern kit bash.


  • Love him great figure 

  • Really nice.

  • The Sturmjäger are ready for priming


  • Looking Good!

    Did the Eisenkern kit come with all thise heads with external optics/night vision looking goggles on the helmets?

  • @JTam yes 5 Standard helmet heads, 2 google helmets and two with optics on each sprue. Plus some Heads with various caps. Great Bang for the buck 

  • I painted the first ten miniatures for the Lidosians

    I tried to paint them in a German WW1 kind a scheme.

  • Looking great!  I'd be super proud of an Army of these guys.

  • Wunderbar... I REALLY DO appreciate your Knight Commander, quite a clever conversion (and thanks for all the tips about his various elements). Now I have to look for second/third-hand Tempestus models, especially officers. 

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