Converting WGA Goblins for Silver Bayonet

  • The "Silver Bayonet" bestiary describes Goblins as such:

    What I get out of that is that they should be smaller than men and armed with hand weapons only.

    These are the official Goblin miniatures for "Silver Bayonet."  

    Not terrible, but I'm not really feeling them.

    I will be attempting to kit bash "Silver Bayonet" Goblins with a Wargames Atlantic (WGA) Goblins sprue, a WGA Riflemen sprue, and couple of Warlord Games Napoleonic sprues I got "free" with issues of Wargames Illustrated.

    I'm picturing the Goblins sporting captured/scavenged kit - hats, sidearms, pouches and the like.  

  • Gobbo 1:

    This vicious fellow sports headgear hacked off a head from the Warlord French Line Infantry sprue.  I tried to use shako taken from a Warlord Games Rifleman first..... but the Goblin head was too big for the WGA Rifleman shako.  The Warlord Games Infantry miniatures have considerably larger heads and headgear to match.

    He also wears a French cartridge box on his belt.  Probably to store snacks like human fingers.  

    I will be adding some green stuff to the right shoulder joint. And evidently scraping off a glue fingerprint on the cartridge box.

  • He looks really great,  I especially like the cartridge box,  very nice touch. 

  • @Vitor Soares 


  • Gobbo 2:

    Unfortunately there are only 3 heads on the WGA Goblin sprue suitable for helmet/hat swaps.  All the other helmets have nasal bars.  

    I'm building 5 Goblins so I decided to modify this ones helmet with a scavenged plume.

    I guess it looks OK.  If I was going to do it again I would use one of the wider, more distinctive helmets.  But glued is glued.  And as I like to say - Perfection is the enemy of done.

    He wields a sabre from a Warlord Games cavalry sprue.

    And has a WGA Riflemen sidearm.


  • Size comparisons with an Eurkeka Miniatures Austrian Grenzer:

  • Gobbo 3:

    Dragging a captured weapon with a cavalry shako shoved jauntily on his helmet.


    Gobbo 4:

    Need to green stuff some torn sleeves.

  • @JTam those are some really nice ideas, congratulations. They will look really nice for sure. I especially like number three, the dragging weapon was a stroke of genius. 

  • @Vitor Soares 

    Thank You.  I was pleased with how number 3 turned out.

    I was less pleased with Gobbo 4 so I ripped his head apart and revised the hat/head join.  Added some Napoleonic equipment to the waistline in back as well.


  • Wasn't feeling Gobbo 3's helmet with plume either.

    I was looking over the WGA Goblin sprue and realized I could use thread with the helmet that looks like a baseball cap.  The "visor" needed to be carefully shaved off the gobbo head before grafting on a French Infantryman's shako.  Snipped off the old head and attached the new:


  • Gobbo 5 "Unit Champion":

    WGA Rifleman torso, WGA Goblin legs and weapons, Warlord Games French Infantry shako.  

    He originally had the sabre from the WGA Riflemans kit.  But I bumped my hand into it and it snapped clean in half.  It was unfortunate.  The scale thinness of the WGA saber is nice... but in conjunction with the semi brittle plastic I doubt its games table survivability.  

    Grafted the last Goblin hand weapon I hand onto the Rifleman arm.  It's fine, kind of has a Slavic mace of Command feel.