Figures we all want and talk about but made by other companys.

  • Just recentlly whilst looking at The Drowned Earth, and The Dead Earth, plus a couple of others. I`ve been amazed at the use of "Genectic Animals", for want of a better name Moreau animals, in new games. Lizards,Rinos,Apes the lot, all types of animals used as body guards, etc. So  you`d think we would see some in 28mm plastic by now. But no, and yet if you look at our own forum, we`ve been asking for lizards, cats, the whole animal kingdom, I`m highly pleased with the looks of The Drowned Earth sets of adventurers but would I wish to pay out £45 for 5 figures "NO" , They are great but not at that price surely though these figure could be achieved by a company like WA. The new Hu Rhas look great in the new paint job, and would suit some"Ape Companions" What do you think forum it looks that Modern Fantasy/ Sifi is all the range, with new games set in the future, but with elements of the past are the"in thing " It would be nice if we had our own slice of the pie. 

  • @Geoff Maybury Yeah. I would likely buy a box. I can use them in RPGS. From Wild shaped Druids, to awakened animals or animal companions or even as a Proxy for things like Vanara. And by Proxy, I really mean "Close enough". 

  • @William Redford You Know Bill, we think quite alike, with our RPG`s and figures, it certainly would be nice to see some Moreau`s around,they are in my D-20 Modern RPG.  I`ve only scratched a few, and they have human bodys, and stature which I didn`t want. I really wished they stood upright but with revearsed legs and had animal feel.

     If a set of Heads, Legs , Arms, Torsos, were made perhaps you could mix match your own . I`d much rather see a figure like above but to have nothing at all is a bitter disapointment. 

  • "Beastfolk" is probably a good name for these. And I'm not sure anyone is really doing them in cheaper plastic. Frostgrave has the Gnolls, but those have very distictly Hyena heads. 

    I would think the main heads wanted would be wolf, cat, ape and reptile. The latter are pretty well covered - WGA Lizardmen, GW Lizardmen (one of their cheaper per figure lines), Frostrave Snakemen. Apes are mostly going to be a headswap, since their legs aren't digitigrade and might be better done as an upgrade sprue.

    Albedo Anthopomophics comes and goes as a property, but there's a market there for those that still play it. Add rabbits, mice, bears and foxes, maybe. Those have regular legs as well - with uplifted animals you really can go either way when you're doing the genetic engineering, I guess. Fantasy beastfolk are almost invariably digitigrade.

    Traveller players are always interested in anything that can be used to make Vargr (uplifted wolves) or Aslan (Leonine aliens). I just realised the WGA Irish wolfhounds are probably good for Vargr conversions myself.  

    Possibly one way to frame this is as a werewolf kit with other animal heads and tails as options. I'd think there's more demand for werewolves than other types.

    For what it's worth, a rideable wolf can be converted into a bipedal werewolf without much fuss. One of my old tricks for Blood Bowl was to do this with a GW Wolfrider wolf. My usual trick was to amputate the forelegs, rotate the hindlegs a bit and add Orc/Ork arms. (The open hand ones for supporting a gun worked very well, and happened to be able to hold a ball).

  • Was cruising the Westfalia website Thanks to @William Redford and saw this:

    It's the Tiger King!

  • It's the Tiger King!

    That he may be, but a rakshasa he ain't. Gotta have the hands the wrong way around.

    At that price range, Dark Sword Armory has a ton of beastfolk adventurers. Otter clerics! Badger paladins! Frog wizards!

    GW Lizardmen (one of their cheaper per figure lines)

    It better be, those moulds have been amortized many times over. The bulk of that faction is still 6th edition sculpts I think. Same for the chaos marauders box.

  • @BlutzeTo dear for my poor coffers, look at what you can get for that, but 100% bloody brilliant figure. 

  • @Blutze it's a function of GWs old policy to sell boxes priced in relation to their points cost. Skinks and Skavenslaves ended up being not so bad, because you got a lot more figures per point. Add to that that GW Skinks are bigger than you think... quite good value for reptile folk conversions.

    That has changed in more recent years, though they are still using the original six-skink sprue.

    Edit: quick price check - 24 Skinks are USD$42 per box, so only USD$1.75 per figure. 

    (However, more expensive than WGA Lizardmen at 24 for USD$34.95, or USD$1.45 per (larger) figure.)

  • Here's my old Blood Bowl werewolf conversions that I mentioned before:

    ...and with ball in hand:


  • @Mark Dewis I cant see the pictures.

  • @Mark Dewis @William Redford 


  • Ugh. I need to work out what causes this. Maybe ones I upload at home vs work? Or phone vs PC?

    Edit: Those were sent from my phone. I posted the images to work and uploaded. Might be showing better now.

  • @William Redford @JTam any good now?

  • @Mark Dewis 

    I see them now.

    Those conversions reek.......

    Of awesomeness and nostalgia!

  • @Mark Dewis yeah I see them now too. And they are pretty cool.

  • @Mark DewisReally nice Mark love the one carrying the ball.

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Ugh. I need to work out what causes this. Maybe ones I upload at home vs work? Or phone vs PC?

    Pretty sure I told you before. The files on your google drive are not shared properly, and what renders for us already points to a google login url. If you can select a folder when uploading from your phone to your gdrive, you could just create one that is set to be shared with "anyone with the link", that should apply to the files automatically.

  • Okay. So when I do this at work, where I'm not logged in to any of my Google profiles, the upload to the forum takes care of it?

  • @Geoff Maybury it was a happy accident that it worked out like that. I just made it up in a catching pose and it turned out to be just right that I could seat the ball there.

    These are from the team I made up for my son out of spare models. I do have my own Undead team (with models to cover both Necromantic and Shambling) as a long neglected WIP with two more of these Werewolves in progress. 

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