Oddities in Amazon Prices for Warlord Products.

  • So, last week I noticed that a lot of warlord kits are between 20-30 bucks right now on amazon, I have no idea why. it because the dollar so strong and pound and euro getting crushed? If so than why are perry kits still 35 smackaroos?

    Moreover its strange that this sudden halfing of price is occuring for black powder and pike and shotte kits but not bolt action. When I go to Warlord's site, Napoleonic french lancers are 40 bucks, while on amazon almost every seller has them for 20. Same with the kit I got thinking it was an odd sale, being the Pike and Shotte infantry regiment. it was 25 bucks.   

    Sorry I just had to ask, but what on earth is going on with warlord prices on amazon?

  • It`s only, my extraders brain , but I think selling power is in effect, the pike and shot, never sold the volume, of fiction or WW2. Also at times it was better discounted, particulary against say, Conflict 47 or Project Z. If you want to really let it go, to clear up space etc, discount it and see it fly.

  • @Viking Cowboy I tried to find some as who doesn't like discounts, but I am still seeing the $35+ on pike and shotte. Maybe I am searching wrong. 

  • Oh, prices vary on ebay, Amazon, etc. from merchant to merchant. Likewise some merchants maybe part of a larger group either testing new products sale ability or dealing with overstock orders, so sometimes they even sell new stuff at temporary non-promotion lower costs. For example I got WA's goths and bulldogs sets recently from "Global Gaming " at steal prices on ebay and the receipts in the box had miniature market's logo on them and MM does seem to have a contuing problem with overstocking on goods.

  • One of my usual fixers is still selling all of Warlord stuff with a -15% discount plus a generous Warlord additional -10% when spending a minimum of 80$CAN on 2 products or more. I do avoid amazon and ebay for years... 

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