Post-medieval Halfling tests

  • Someone here or on the FB group mentioned science fiction Halflings. 

    I got out my own Halfling militia kit to do some head and arm tests; Stargrave male crew arms are too big, except for that one weird short pointing left arm. Some female crew arms are okay. But what actually works best are historical kits that aren't exaggerated too much. 

    Of course, if you are making aliens, short body and big arms may be the look you're after!

    Below: Stargrave male head and left arm, female right arm; Stargrave male arms and chimp head from the mercenary sprue; Perry dismounted Dragoon carbine arms.

  • I would have never thought of using the chimp head. Genius! And the Dragoon carbine looks great too.

  • I was going to try arms from Perry Sudan War British, but the matchup was a bit fiddly - the dragoon part was a lot easier to fit. Nonetheless, it looks like most Perry arms won't look out of place on a WGA Halfling body. I'd guess the same may be true for WGA Goblins. WGA historicals may also work - I'd expect the Riflemen's short barrelled Bakers would work (let's face it - blackpowder halflings are probably going to like smaller guns...).

    Didn't test hand swaps, but as the ones I did don't seem to have massive mitts I'd expect they'll be fine. You can always paint them as gloved - that can always explain a larger than expected hand. 

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Well done Mark... a real Grease Monkey in the flesh.. er.. hard plastic. Going to steal your concept.

  • I've dremelled his crotch out so he can have pants and not chain. The guy to the left will get the chain covered over with putty for a tunic look.

    Uplifted chimps probably make for useful spacers. Four hands in zero G has to good! If you know them, Lois Bujold's Quaddies were geneered with arms instead of legs for that reason...

    (Not to mention, you would think uplifting a chimp would be about the easiest uplift project possible)

  • Please for the love of all thats good and right in this world someone make plastic grey aliens so I can get the heads I wanna put on those halflings!

    Or maybe just a sprue with alien heads

  • I think Reaper has some Reaper Bones “Greys”... 👽

  • @Carsten Ohlsson Try Black Cat miniatures I`m sure they did Grey Heads.

  • Puppets War has some some Gray Alien heads too ... 

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