Ooh rag vs bugs

  • Saw this pic on Facebook. 

    "...they're deceiving actually depending on which legs you use they can fit on 25mm-50mm bases. Some of the standing legs really compact the overall body down"




    ".. the first set will have two types of bugs and we may add some big boys later."

  • The above Facebook quotes are from@Hudson Adams and I can't edit the post... so "ooh rag" is there to stay... :(

  • Nice one Bill , don`t look bad do they, got to replace my "Aliens " with a class act so? It would be nice to stay 1/56th, I`m really glad they took the decsision to natural scale, the prospects are off  the chart now for game use. 

  • Yeah, they look great. 👍

  • Never been interested into GW 'nids (even if I like the visuals) mostly thanks to pricetag for "big boys", their rules and codex (they were such a death roller back to 2nd). Some years ago, managed to buy a lot (termagants, hormagants, gargoyles and some hive warriors) for about 50$Can (mostly primed, with missing pieces) from a friend who needed to get rid of some minis. With the upcoming WGA's Bugs, I am sure I could fix them to build a small NPC force using some of my Kryomeks as COs. 

  • "its an ugly planet! a bug planet!"

  • @Davy Jones 

    Maybe the Bug is coming in peace 🙄

  • He is unarmed, after all...

  • @Steven StGeorges I thought they were "Kits" they come in pieces.😇

  • @Mark Dewis Yep totally armless I agree.😇 

  • @Steven StGeorges

    Yeah, it’s probably just the equivalent of a cow for the giant spider race.

  • We'll know more when we see the sprue and if it has more humanoid arms and legs as an option, but I can see Kroot arms (which I have a bulk ton of) fitting that torso very well. 

    WGA Lizardman parts will likely match up okay too.

    Somewhat reminiscent (though a bit larger) of the Kafers from the 2300AD RPG:

  • @Mark Dewis Another game we match what a oldy but a cracker.

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