My WWI Germans

  • I thought I would share my first sprue of WWI Germans. Once I have more of these and my French painted up I will post some pics of a game. I plan to use THrough the Mud and the Blood from the Lardies.

  • The Germans look good.  Like the guy with the grenade bundle.

    Looking forward to the French, game, and any other further updates.

  • Well done figs, can I suggest giving a classic WWI camo to their helmets, as in this tutorial?


  • I considered it, they didn't all have that and I just opted not to.

    Maybe some other ones will. I haven't sourced out a specific unit to portray, which may not be possible anyway. So I have left them generic until the inspiration strikes.

  • The directive for camo helmets didn't come out until July 1918, so if you did do the camo helmet you would really be restricting your timeframe to the last couple months of the the war for gaming. This date is also part of the reason you just don't see many pictures of troops with these painted helmets. 

  • @Mike Higgins on the other hand, if someone plans to game WW1 US vs German it's fairly appropriate, since most of their fighting was from May 2018 onwards. 

  • @Mark Dewis Yes, I would paint a few up with camo helmets just for this.

  • @Allan Lougheed Really good and you have the best of both worlds because you can play real WW1 and the New forthcoming "A War Transformed" if you wish.

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