Friday Sneak Peek

  • 30/09/22 Sneak Peak?

    Nice female? 
    Soe? 'Allo 'Allo?

    Strange looking Thompson though? The 30 round magazine wasn't common, Uber rare in Europe, and it's in the gun backwards? The line of holes run up the back edge of the magazine, not the front. 

  • @Sean Tighe I do have to admit "female" followed by "?" does seem to be a fitting discription that rather genric face (I have not watched 'Allo'Allo, so if it comes from that I give in).

    I think they are adding the Thompson for pulp games (didn't know its magazine was backwards.😆),  I would perfer seeing some melee weapons for that instead (particularly left handed ones to pair with handguns).

  • Sneak peak for reference:

    I have to assume this is the long awaited female French Resistance set.  

    @Sean Tighe 

    Your observations on the Tommy gun seem seem dead on.  I'm not sure I would have bothered with the circle indents at all... they will be microscopic in 28mm.  

    The proportions on the MP40 are a little wonky.