Attempting to make Aiel minis from Wheel of Time out of WGA kits plus other conversion ideas.

  • So, I've been toying with conversions between the Dark Age Irish and Persians, and I believe I've found a reliable method to create Aiel from WoT. You need the spear arms and buckler shields from the DAI and the heads and bows from the Persians and you can get 40 shufa wrapped Aiel Warriors from the Wastes to make battle against whoever you want to fight, as for the leftover bits (I don't have any I made one Aiel from the double armless padded chest fellow with the wrapped head gave him a short spear and the shield away from the body arm with the buckler with extra javalins. The shortsword on the persians are similar enough in size to the large knives the Aiel carry in the books. I think that the goths kit would also play nice with making Aielmen, but I don't have that box so let me spit out ideas that I don't have the means to test.

    So, I guess I need to find a good Car'a'carn for Rand Al'Thor.

    As for the Legion of the Dragon, the Perry War of the Roses Mercenaries with the kettle hats, crowbows and pavies I think would be excellent, just make sure to use the unarmored bodies. I would recommend the Perry Agincourt French too but you don't get enough pavies.

    I always got a samurai vibe from the Cairenen so I guess use samurai cavalry supported by your favorite flavor of steppe light infantry and Ashigaru but given central asian helmets (anyone know if the turkopoles from Fireforge work with Warlord?) Though there are some french vibes so maybe the classic Perry Agincourt french again cause "bell shaped" could also be bacinets rather than flared nasal helms.

    As for a proper Andoran Queen's Man I figure Knights ought to work pretty well supported by Agincourt french infantry with an option contingent of Two Rivers longbowmen where any lightly armored longbowmen should be fine (Hey WGA, maybe an Italian Wars range wink wink nudge nudge).

    Then comes Illian where I'd say your favorite post-alexander pre-roman greeks should do with a heavy, heavy cavalry focus. Maybe those unarmored late romans would be the perfect infantry contingent to pair them with.


    If you've got any ideas for other Wheel of Time nations that can be converted or proxied tell me, I love those books.

  • @Viking Cowboy for Warlord Samurai cavalry the Fireforge turkopoles heads might be on the big side, I would just chop the knot on the samurai and put extra fireforge mongolain helms on if we are talking centeral asia. For post Alexander Greeks I would look at Victrix's line up first.

  • I like Fireforge Templars for Whitecloaks... something the TV series and I differ widely on. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome I don't read the books, but from the various descriptions they seems more similar to the fanatical zealots that were the teutonic knights, so, if Frostgrave's knights heads are compatible, a conversion with these could be very realistic, given the variety of Fireforge's Military orders knights & infantry.

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