RDG Gaming Amazon, Satyrs and Scythians

  • This was a kickstarter that is now delivering. It has been a bit delayed but nothing too obnoxious. Anyway, tracking says my goodies will be here tomorrow. I will post some pics once I have them in hand and a couple assembled but probably not until next weekend when I get a chance to play around with them. 

    These are supposed to have been done by Wargames Atlantic, so I am surprised we havent had any news on them from Wargames Atlantic. But anyway, here are the sprues that RDG has posted. 

  • From the look of the sprues and the painted up examples, the proportions of those Amazons are all over the shop. In particlular strangely short arms.

    I'm glad they finished the amphora design from the original giant butt plug idea...


    However... shouldn't goat-men have cloven hooves? Those are horse feet.

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Reference the giant butt plug.... Don't be so suburban, it's 2022 after all.  Also, these ARE followers of Bacchus aren't they?  They take a good party and then turn it to 11.

    I do have inspiration now to try and convert a regular butt plug into a Beastman menhir.  That would make a great army centerpiece.  


  • I've been wondering when these would finally arrive. The Satyrs definitely look the best set, I'm considering them as a possible way to grab a load of extra bodies to build up a good-sized Beastman army more affordably than going pure GW, given that they seem to fit well on 25mm square bases and are about a head taller than Mantic (and I presume GW) Orcs:

    @Mark Dewis In the original Greek Myths Satyrs had horses' legs and tails rather than those of goats - most modern interpretations confuse them with Roman Fauns (which already have a very spindly set of figures from RGD of course), which did have goats' legs and tails because they were the servants of Faunus (Pan) rather than Bacchus/Dionysus. However there seem to be heads for a number of other animals alongside horses in the Satyrs kit, so if you want them to be more goat-like then using the most goatlike heads for them in the kit (plus kitbashing with GW Gors) will help achieve that. 

    Certainly adding these into a Beastman army would add a lot more Chaotic variety if used alongside the GW ones, especially if arms and heads were interchanged between the two.

  • @Mark Dewis yeah... I... am refraining from saying anything negative until I have them in hand. I kind of went big on this as I like the company and had high hopes based on wargames Atlantic doing the minis. 

    I am getting 7 "Steppe" boxes which is 72 minis /box which is supposed to be amazons, Scythians and horses... and o am getting 1 box of satyrs. 

    which is 554 minis that are supposed to be coming today. 

  • These sprues seems interesting, pity that the cavalry sprue has either male and women's legs, the satyrs could pass for beastmen or ,with some kitbashing, chaos-warped cultists. One thing is that in pratically all the ancient greeks' portraits of amazons, expecially their cavalry, these women are barefeet, but  the two female legs with the horses have a sort of shoes, more similar to central Asians' ones. Therefore I suppose that there will be more plastic sprues with other mithological characters, not only from Greek mythology.

  • @Caratacus 

    The arm joins on the the RGD Satyrs are weird.  It's like a quarter of the arm is on the body.  It will complicate using GW arms certainly.

  • @Caratacus well, there you go. I have learned a thing. I did notice the horse tails in the kit as well - nice to see they ARE being myth-accurate.

    I expect customers are meant to add their own phalluses.

    As far as Beastmen proxies go, Frostgrave Gnolls are good. If you don't like the hyena heads it's not hard to do head swaps or do some simple conversion work adding horns and fur and changing ears.

    Of course, if you look back at the oldest Citadel Chaos Beatmen, they were all sorts of creatures. The goat look became standard and at some point Ratmen branched off into their own thing, but I don't think the lore ever changed in that regard. Go nuts.


  • Of course, if you look back at the oldest Citadel Chaos Beatmen, they were all sorts of creatures.

    The Konrad series of novels even mentioned orcs as members of a chaos army. Really fun to see how the Warhammer universe developed over the decades.


    Looks like there's less of the excessively thin stuff in the designs this time around, good. I've got one of the tridents on an Irish arm, and I'm really not certain if I'd ever dare putting that guy into a foam slot.

  • @Blutze 

    Orcs were not immune to Chaos touch and some of the most "infected" were able to join Chaos Warband... Chaos Orcs were only quite a must-have to any casual Orcs & Gobelins army back to WFB3rd, for quite a price nonetheless. Same for Space Orks back to W40K2nd. 

    Good days of Old... 

    @Mark Dewis 

    To my very humble mind, most of the Morrisons' stuff were (and still are) 70% atrocious and 30% awesome -and not talking about their cloned son Gary Morley. Their beastmen were closer to Runequest' Broos than the casual Beastman lurking in the darkest parts of the Great Forest so the catalogue first page and half of the second. But you just forgot about Snakemen of Chaos... a doomed and forgotten line of another Chaos creations.  And back to the day, Beastmen were not aligned with one Chaos deity but Universal Chaos. 

  • Well... ups failed to deliver. Tracking still says delivery today, but as it's 8 pm it doesn't look good. 

  • Ironically, I'd cite the early plastic efforts as being partially responsible for GW making goatmen standard. In particular this:

    Warhammer Fantasy - Chaos Beastmen - 28mm – Aster Wargame

    I say ironic, because plastic is perfect for multipart, mix and match mutant weirdness. Yet here we have one piece, regimented, identical guys. Aside from the shields.

    But plastic tooling was super expensive back then, I guess. Different times.

  • @Mark Dewis 

    For sure, Plastic tooling was super expensive but look at the very first hard plastic minis GW ever designed: Psychostyrene Dwarves and Drastik Plastik Orcs, then 1987 WFB regiments and most of RTB sets; all turned best sellers in a few weeks so over the long term, hard plastic regiments were cheaper to produce and far more lucrative .. especially when compared to White Metal stuff. 

  • My goodies arrived. 14 boxes. 7 amazons, 6 Scythians and 1 Satyr. Won't get a chance to really dive in until this weekend but will assemble a couple after work. 600+ minis... don't know what I was thinking. 

  • @William Redford 

    "600+ minis... don't know what I was thinking." 

    You do deserve the title of Miniature Stakhanovite of the year regarding your past doings and upcoming ones 😁

    Now comrade, could you quit arguing and start assembling, you are going to be behind your quota. 

  • @Steven StGeorges HA! yeah... just got to make sure my wife doesnt find out...

    Anyway, I assembled some. Link to a post where I posted some pics on Dakka Its easier to post multiple pics on Dakka, so here is a link with some pics and a semi review. Here is one of the photos, so you know how lousy the photos are before you click on the link. :)

  • @William Redford 

    Thanks for the DD link... and .. mmm... where are you going to store all those 600+ new minis by the way? 😅

  • @Steven StGeorges ... um... the basement. But not sure in what context yet. I am not sure what I will be using these for. I am contemplating a fantasy army using firforge bits and Scythians. But I am not sure yet. I just got notice that my Frostgrave and Stargrave preorder stuff shipped... :( so... for now, basement.

  • @Steven StGeorges I had the Dwarves and those were an excellent design. (Mine went towards a Mordheim gang). Still have a few of the heads and weapons.

    bitZMarket - Offers for Psychostyrene! Dwarfs Sprue

    I had the Orcs too, and those were NOT such a great design...

    RPG sandbox — D&D: WizKids Announces Frameworks - Custom...

  • @William Redford 

    And you just added another level to the Pile of Shame... the Basement. Next step is ordering some Billy shelves from Ikea... and assembling them 😅

    Oh my... FG & SG stuff too, including Coppelstone's Rogue Stars minis I hope -especially The Rogue?

    @Mark Dewis 

    Sold all mine a longgggg time ago (1998 I think) as part of a vast WFB 3rd Dwarf battleforce. Resused some of the extra heads and weapons to customize the 10 Dwarves unit from WFB Regiments box sets. Still have some stuff hidden somewhere in the depths of my bitsbox I bet, need to do some serious diggings. I think Psychostyrene Dwarves were of Perry Twins' design -like most of Dwarves back then.  

    The Orcs were quite useful as champions for the WFB Regiments box units. 🧐


  • The Amazon bodies are nice. I am not thrilled with the heads or weapons. But... they look nice with statuesque heads and Fireforge weapons...


  • @William Redford 

    Indeed Statuesque heads are a must-have.. only need some Valkir bodies to replicate a Sister of Battle conversion seen on dakkadakka some years back. 

    Mmm regarding Fireforge weapons, the sword arm seems to be a bit short and too bulky for a feminine body when compared to legs for instance.. but maybe those old bad eyes of mine are playing tricks again.

    By the way, how many extra sword/shield arms and heads do you get from a single FF box set? 🧐

  • @Steven StGeorges a ton...:) but it was another Kickstarter thing where I got 10, 12? Boxes of the infantry and 4 boxes of cavalry. The infantry came with enough weapons to equip all with either swords or spears and shields or 2-handed spear... and that does not include the command sprue. So I did units of 30. 1 sword and shield, 1 2 handed spear, 1 spear and shield and 1 halberd (converted from the 2-handed spears and GW bits. So I have a ton of swords, spears and shields... and 3 tons of heads...

  • @William Redford 

    So quite a good deal 😁

    I am waiting anxiously for your next creations, keep going Guillermo el Estajanovisto. 👍

  • That's our William - redeeming dodgy parts like the champion he is!  

    WGA is starting to give Statuesque a run for its money as far as female heads go, though. The Cannon Fodder II ladies are very nice, and I imagine the ones with hair would go with those Amazon bodies quite well. 

    You could probably use full face Greek helmet heads from a male kit such as Victrix or Warlord as well. Maybe also use their arms? Historicals tend to be a touch slimmer.

  • @William Redford  The bodies seem really nice, but if the arms are similar to the fauns and centaurs then I guess thin and fragile would be the best way to describe them.

    Those amazons do look nice with the heads and arms from other kits. If you have any desire to make sci-fi kitbashes with those models and assuming the shoulders are similar in thickness to the fauns/centaurs, things like escher arms could work well and I would assume stargrave stuff would also work nicely.

    You might need to ease a bit on the model purchasing for a while, over 600 models in one go might be a bit too much for most storage methods 😄
    Still, as someone who ordered around 600 models from WGA in one go in the past (in my defence the plan was 5 boxes of WW1 germans, 5 of einherjar and 5 of the giant spiders, but the persians were on sale at the time and the USD to Euro conversion was favourable as well), I know sometimes we can get a bit carried away with what we get, especially when the price of the individual boxes is quite low.

    Having additional conversion parts is always a good thing and I am guessing that at the moment you should have enough spare heads to make a worthy tribute to Khorne (I know I do), do you have any plans on what sort of things you will be doing with all those boxes from the kickstarter?

  • @GreenScorpion no.. no plans. In my defense the Kickstarter started at 3 boxes for $60. Reasonable... but then promises were made (to entice new backers) and the amount we were getting for that same price went up to 4 boxes. Then we were offered a chance to double what we were getting for $60 more. I was thinking it was like 8 boxes. Which was still a good price. 8 boxes for $120... well the final result was 14 boxes for that $120... $8.57 for a box of 44 minis... 


    but yeah, I have no idea on what I will use them for. I have been playing around with a sprue of each of the sets... which is 4 sprues. (Amazons, Scythians, satyrs and horses). The rest are in my basement. I am sure I will do something with them but no idea right now. My next purchase will be ogres when they come... though I do have barbarians 2 and stargrave mercs 2 on the way, and ooh rah preordered.

  • @Mark Dewis yeah, I like the cannon fodder 2 heads. I wish there were more heads with out helmets. Those heads will be used with my barbarians 2 when they arrive. 

  • @William Redford  I recall there had been some changes to the offer in that kickstarter, but I hadn't realized that it was such a big change.

    You seem to have several interesting projects going on, so I suspect you should be able to find a use for all the parts that you have from this kickstarter (or at least what you decide to keep from it).

    Given you have lots of spares, it might be a useful way to introduce new people into the hobby, as even if something gets damage, you have more things to use as a replacement.

    I am also waiting for the ogres at the moment, if they have some sci-fi stuff that makes sense I might convert them to represent the ogres from my books (which despite having hearing troubles and potentially looking dumb because of that are actually technologic advanced), although I might need some additional stuff to achieve such a high technological look.

  • @GreenScorpion the big part was originally the Amazon and Scythian were going to be seperate boxes but RGD didn't think they would reach the funding level to reach both. So they then changed it to do a half sprue of each instead of a full sprue of each. Then he would just combine the two in one box. This didn't sit well with those that either didn't want amazons or only wanted amazons, so he then decided to just basically put a full amount of both in the one box... well he later was able to negotiate for the full sprue of both so they were able to get seperate boxes... and as a result he also reached the funding to get the horses done... do his solution based on the original promise of giving both. Was to basically give a box of each to everyone who ordered either... and he threw is a horse sprue and a sprue of the other sex in every individual box. He did give the option in the pledge manager for people to opt out of the essentially free boxes... 


    the ogres... the scifi bits will likely be good, but I would be worried about the fluffy landsknecht clothes. I wonder if the upcoming mantic ogres might be better in that regard (body-wise) fir your project. You would probably do good combining the two sets. 

  • @William Redford  On the ogres I am still waiting to see what comes out in terms of final parts, since things have often changed during the process. There are several options for bodies out there at the moment, but typically ogres are seen as dumb and their gear is usually matching that design (ogryns are an example of this with very dumb ranged weapons) and while things like bullgryns already look a bit more sci-fi with their slightly more advanced gear, overall things have stayed similar in the past years. Things like the shieldwolf ogres would be a good base for conversions, but their ranged/melee weapons are mostly primitive as well (massive revolvers are only good for hellboy and the likes).

    Hopefully some advanced weaponry starts to appear in ogre sizes especially in plastic so it is easier to convert and assemble.


    On the RDG Gaming kickstarter that certainly looks like a wild ride. I had initially pledged for the digital tier because I expected customs would take advantage of the package and charge way more than the original value (portuguese customs can be expensive in my experience), but after some "wars" back in dakkadakka between the author of the kickstarter and some other people, I felt like that campaign was too disorganized and decided to remove my pledge.

    Do you know if these will hit retail through similar paths as the fauns and centaurs? Some time ago the fauns and centaurs stopped appearing on the wargames atlantic website, so I am guessing the production is likely going directly through the factory in china rather than passing through wargames atlantic, at least based on the plan for the deliveries that RDG published some time ago.

  • @GreenScorpion I dont know. One of those "wars" was with a sort of WA employee but he said he was not speaking on behalf of WA only himself... and with no announcement of the sets by WA (like they did for reptilian overlords and the 0200 stuff) I wonder if some bad blood happened. I would imagine that they will eventually go to retail on RDG's site at least. 

  • @William Redford 

    Indeed, all of RGD releases are available on their website:


    Hope Minotaurs are going to be available soon... I do enjoy their style but would like to look at the finished models instead of drafted ones, hoping them to complement Duncan Shadow's creations.

  • I got a box of the Fauns. I think they were a bit of a mixed bag. The limbs are very spindly, which made gluing a pain, and kit bashing a bit more limited, but there is a pretty good variety of bits, so each mini ends up pretty unique.


    Here's a picture of some of my finished and a size comparison. Please forgive my painting. I'm not the greatest painter, and I used a psychedelic color pallet since they are being used for fae troops. 


  • @Red Bee I have wanted to get some of the fauns for a while but always talk myself out of it. 

  • @William Redford I fully understand. I have wanted an army of satyrs for ages, but I think I'd rather build two or three boxes of Spiders rather than finish the box of Fauns I have in my Pile of Promise. 

  • @Red Bee Ha... from what I have heard of the spiders... yikes. Thats all you had to say! :)

  • @William Redford I`ve been on the side reading this with a bigger and bigger smile developing, it`s been a lovely read guys Bill great collection, whats with this shame buisness guys, it`s a "Stratiegic Work In Progress". Hidden from eyes untill developped to a master piece. "Cough Cough". 

    I`m only dipping my toes into fantasy at the moment got me Spiders and a load of Eileens D and D, thats it.  My SWIP is very small as I sold most over sized. Bigest is to paint more Dinos and buy more.

    Ooh-Rahs on  order.

    Take care all. 

  • @Red Bee Love  em Red Bee, Truly "But I feel dizzy my head is spinning " why am I singing "I`m lossing control" Oh the rooms ssssssssppppping aaaaaahahhhh. Sorrry toooott mmmuch ASSSIDDDD. 

    Who new the power of those dastardly "Faes".

  • @Mark Dewis 

    A couple of days ago I learned the one of the national symbols of Georgia is the butt plug:

    Questionable emblems aside, Georgia is a beautiful country.

  • @JTam I ... really dont know what to say to that. 

  • @JTam 

    You .... 🤣 😂

    Are you going to Armenia thereafter?

    @William Redford 


  • @William RedfordActually I think the real reason is RGD made the arrangements with the Chinese factory not WA in particular, otherwise they might have been made in the USA (I don't think its bad blood particularly, just business logistics).  Anyway I did get my boxes😁:

    Anyway I did a scale pic of a Scythian and Amazon with  a WA Goth, Warlord Celt, and some Reaper bones (since Reaper was the originally advertised scale with goal for some reason😆):


    Now while I am mostily Fantasy army builder, I am thinking of useing this guys as proper Xiongnu against the warring states Chinese I have and the ones  WA will release later. They are a bit tall, but given the milk and meat heavy diet they likely would have had, I think they will work okay to great for history gaming😉. It might be nice to see them next to some Victrix minis.


  • @JTam Pretty sure the thing on the sprues is a horse tail because RGD's Satyrs are supposed to be two legged horsemen, not a butt plug.🤣  You can tell if you look at the hornless heads😉.


  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Mmm the couple of Reaper Minis on your pic are from Bones range? 

  • @Steven StGeorges the two white one. They are the older bones material so likely Bone 3 or 4? Bones stuff is great. The older bones white stuff is great for conversions as its super easy to cut... but issnt the best detail wise and is bendy. The newer bones black and bones america stuff is much better detail, but not as easy to cut so not as good for conversions (IMHO). I backed the recent Bones KS for a core set (which I skipped in Bones 5). But i have defintely been less excited about bones since Bones 4... 

  • @William Redford 

    Thanks Guillermo... I like most of Reaper minis, but still afraid about the bending of some elements like weapons, not sure a bath in pretty hot water then another in icy one are enough to fix such a problem. 

  • @Steven StGeorges on some of the earlier ones... no, its not enough. Some of teh weapons were super thin... But... if you have stuff like WA Irish or Conquistadors, replacing the weapons/arms works well and makes some cool minis. I have not had an issue with bent weapons with Bones Black or Bones America. 


    The best bones are still their medium big stuff. Like ogres and giants. The material is thick enough that you dont get the bend, and its deatiled enough to be good. The larger stuff like the dragons... the detail is good, but... gravity kills them... they develope droop over time... either heads resting on the ground or wings sagging, etc.. My bones pirate ship had not had that issue yet, so it looks like super big might escape that issue. 

  • @William Redford 

    Thanks for the insight. 👍

  • @William Redford

    The gravity thing sounds like it is more of a structural issue combined with the material used (there is a reason dragon’s are fantasy) so I doubt the ship is going have that problem unless it is some crazy elf vessel. 

    @Steven StGeorges To answer your question again, very clearly yes. I bought my bones off ebay and from hobby and comicbook stores so not sure which Reaper KS they came from. 

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