Wild Gease Type figures discused on Facebook

  • The topic for Facebook was these now they are only avery rough draft but its still a thought by WGA, so I will share it with you.

  • These would fill a factural posistion for so many games, not to mention the numerous SF/Fi and  other games  the posibilities right out the box go off the scale, thentheres all those conversions, My own wish for "Falling Skies" milita and survivors would be a dam sight easyer. France`s Foreign Legion would be a nice touch for sure the battles of the pre-Nam eras.

  • A fascinating set with lots of potential.

  • It would be amazing for my Portuguese Armed Forces in the colonial war, I can see some FN-FAL and G3 in the mix. 

  • All we need now is to find some old Vickers HMG for them! Jokes apart these minis could be useful for whoever likes late'60s/early '8os action movies, another scenario could be "The Dogs of War" with a young C. Walken and a pre-Platoon Tom Berenger, except for the heavy grenade launcher the weapons are right.👍

  • Hello, Citizens and good Fellows,

    Maybury Jauna, my english is correct but far from perfect. Those you call "Wild Geese" (les Oies sauvages), are British modern mercenaries (years 60-80's), right ?

    As we called them in French, "les Chiens de Guerre", "les Centurions" or "les Affreux"...

    For me, the "Wild Geese" were only the nickname of Irish Jacobite partisans and soldiers of fortune during the 18th century, mainly in France, Spain and "Outremer" (Dillon, Fitz-James, Lally-Tollendal, O'Higgins, O'Reilly, Walsh).

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy Yes and there was a very old film that this "old fogie" watched so many times in his youth. Roger More, Richard Burton, and many other old masters of the screen. I think the first Mercenery Big Block buster film very enjoyable if you`ve not seen it ,welcome to the forum Pierre.

  • Thank you for your welcome, Don (Sir) Geoff. What means "old fogie" ? Something like "old fogey" (vieux fougueux) : a very old and conservative man ? A man from another era, may be ?

    In my natural tongue, I'd rather say : "Gizon bat zara, zahar eta zuhurra" (you are a man, old and wise). A human community is like a forest : there is room for both young and old trees !

    Thank you for the reference : I'll watch this movie as soon as possible.

  • Oh my, yes PLEASE... I would be ALL over these bad boys... but then I am a "gentleman of a certain age" 🤣

  • This seems basically in line with WGA's previously hinted at "Modern" kit project, though that may have gotten conflated with the Ooh Rahs.

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy I am 68 years young, and my good wifes "toyboy", old fogie you`ve got it on the nail . Welcome my friend to our very special and fun forum. Cheers.

  • @Bill Thomas Like the film you sir are a man of style, we sure could have some fun with these.

  • This is a cool kit.  Like the "Simba" hats towards the center of the picture.

    Looks like plenty of FALs (yes!), AKMs, Sterlings, MP5s, an UZI, and some LAWs.  Hopefully a G3 gets in there too.

  • A Browning .30 cal being handheld would be welcome.  This .30 cal gunner is legend:


    Possibly NSFW.

    Trigger Warning - People get deaded in war.




  • @JTamTwo amazing vidieos the first I can`t belive the stamina of the man and is bravery in chargeing the building.

    The second gives a lot of fact, altough some of it being very gruscem and that I`d not been aware of,  involving this sad tradgedy.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    That first video.  Our BN S3 showed it to us and we are all combat veterans with multiple deployments and we are all like "H*ly Sh*t!"

  • @Mark Dewis Gwad, I hope it didn't get conflated with the Ooh Rah🤣. That would be sad in so many ways.

    @Alessio De Carolis Actually when I heard "Mercs from the 60s-80s" my first thought was this lovely game series: 


    Mostly this:

    Though these guys would be cool:

  • Thank you or, better, "milesker anitz" Geoff, for the expression : "You've got it on the nail" = "Tu l'as mis dans le mille".

    I love colourful ways of saying things, just because you don't hear them in English classes, in France.

    Izan ontsa, be well.

  • these look amazing, general infantry for various mercs militias and less advanced countries

  • @Brian Van De Walker I could see the Ooh Rahs getting a modern weapon sprue to expand use. There's really nothing in their heads and bodies that clashes (I've said before I'll probably get some for cops in tactical vests). The old teaser pictures that were identified as probable moderns may actually have been early Oo Rah ones, so I'm not sure if we ever have had sneak peeks of the moderns.

  • There's definitely been sneak peaks of a "modern" kit that's not the "Wild Geese" and not the "Ooh-Rahs."

    Exhibit A:

    We got boonies, ball caps, and the modern high cut helmets with NODs mounts. 

    Now let's say for the sake argument that they dropped the modern helmets later, and these were actually early Ooh-Rah heads.

    That still leaves exhibit B:

    These weapons are a generation later that the "Wild Geese" ones.  Most are firmly in the 2000s.  (Tavor, M4 with RAS and CCO, M14 in Sage EBR chassis....)

  • Yeah, they even had diffrent bodies, shoes and armor from the Ooh Rahs. I think they are planning for a more realistic historical scale propotion look for the modern operaters.

  • contras, sandenistas, farc, auc, the various african bush wars, the congo crisis, this is a set with lots of potential, if coupled with the modern operators, and maybe a more militia style of kit it would cover many areas.

  • This set would work nicely for the Siege of Jadotsville. A decent film based on a real incident which is an all too forgotten part of history. It really caused me to rethink my view of the UN and the relationship with member nations.  I would go so far as to say all soldiers should see this film and study the actual incident as part of their training.



  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy You are very wellcome "our Kid" (black country for a brother not of family) once again great to have you on the forum.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Hi pal film noted will be pleased to take a look not tonight thought Eileens Birthday we are going for a meal so Love to all I`m off to do the jobs. Cheers Gang.

  • This weapon might be a bit too late in the centurt for this kit, but i always saw the Galil or Vektor R4 as a weapon used by the mercenaries in africa.

    It seemed to be IMI's attempt to create a 5.56 version of the kalashnikov and fn fal and many countries in south america and africa adopted them for various armed forces, either directly, or from south africa as the R4. therefore, various mercenary groups might use them as well. Not trying to cause major changes, just thought it was a cool weapon. Vektor R4 - Wikipedia

  • @Davy Jones  With an introduction date of 1972, I believe for the Galil, it might be a bit late but yes it is a weapon commonly associated with conflicts in Africa and it does look cool.

  • If I well remember the S. African army adopted the Galil, Rhodesia's army had the FN Fal, I read that the former wasn't very popular with ex- rhodesians soldiers because they reputed it too light as tin. Generally the AKs are good for almost every african conflict, sadly the diffusion of this weapon, easy to fire and maintain helped also the widespread use of child-soldiers.

  • The Galil is a neat weapon, but it might fit in better with the "modern" set.  

    As mentioned, used in South Africa, Israel (obviously), and strangely pervasive in Central and South America.

    In Israel the Galil is generally used by non close combat troops.  I see them issued to artillery units a lot.  Probably because it's a fine weapon, but it's also a touch bulky and weights a sh*t load.  Neither of which are a problem when you are self propelled or towed artillery.

    In South Africa it is an ideal weapon for fighting Prawns.

    @Alessio De Carolis 

    The Galil can only be considered lightweight in comparison to wood and steel battle rifles.  It's only a pound or two lighter than a FAL... And probably two pounds heavier than most of its class competitors.  

    That milled receiver is no joke.  The steel butt stock doesn't help either.  

    I will agree that the AK47/AKM/AK74/Galil/Valmet is easy to maintain.  Dunk it in some gasoline and throw some motor oil in the innards and you're probably OK.  Only the PPS 43 is easier to maintain.

    The AK47/AKM is not however particularly easy to shoot or operate.  The controls are not friendly, the loading operation takes a lot of practice, the sights are not optimal, and the recoil noticeable.  The M4/M16 family for example is much easier to train new operators on.  

  • Zach Stewart posted the below picture here:


    Which pretty much establishes the "modern" set is a separate set.

  • @JTam That makes a much more friendly playing field for prices and some very cool figures and equipment . Spoilt for choice for Rules for these, but with Zona Alpha a leader for rule quality and photos of play, these figures wil give nice scale pieces, with multi converction forms.

  • @Grumpy Gnome We sat rivited to the screen through this, neither of us knew the history and were very shocked at the actions of the U.N.That saying "Polititions do the lieing ,Soldiers the dieing", could not have been more apt. It also really shocked us that the French Forgien Legion should be used as the addversary. The fact that they gallentlly held on till the very end, before their surrender, was a testiment to the "Officer and his men" . Their treatment on their return was even more shocking and we could not believe that it was only retified in the 2000`s. It has lead Eileen and myself to comment on latter even more serious conflicts, like the "Gulf War`s" and the role played by polititions  and the guilt caused. Grumpy my friend I believe you quoted that film correctly  and very wise, Cheers Geoff/ Eileen.

  • @Geoff Maybury Ah apologies my friend, I believe those were Katangese troops... which had a number of European mercenaries.


    If you really want to go down a dark rabbit hole, look into the related crash of the UN Secretary General’s plane...


    One of the things that irks me about this battle being so often forgotten is that it is a lesson in how to lose. Soldiers, officers in particular, need to understand that it can happen and it needs to be managed. Not every battle can be a Rourke’s Drift or Little Big Horn. And leaders need to support those officers having to make a tough call on when “honor has been satisfied.”

  • @Grumpy Gnome Yes the bigest part of the opp being Kanyangese Troops but still tragic that the leadership being French ex legion Mercs. Three attempts to find cause how rediculace, and what a shambles. Your lesson to lose is well apt, and the final decision when made stopped a undoubted massacre. We both rated this film highly in its entertainment value and "Moralistic values". Well recomended my friend.

  • You know once these guys are out, I think it would cool if they did some STL Iraqi Fedayeen helmets for a little Cobra action.



  • @Brian Van De Walker but really did they had such an helmet? It's the first time I see it, very strange, perhaps some Iraqui higher-ups was a sci-fi fan?

  • @Alessio De Carolis Surprisingly yes, and most likely starwars fan. That said it would be perfect for:

    And maybe this:

  • @Brian Van De Walker Effectively this was my thought, first time I saw MS Gundam, Zeon's troops had SW -like helmet. Someone should try to make heads with such a gear, don't remember if there was a (very) old french comic where I saw a similar helm, but it was surely inspired by late middle ages/early renaissance helms.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Well one of the more common official Zeon helmets seems to be a plainer less decorated varent of this sucker Char always wore which is either a fantasy version of  the WW 1/2 German helmet or more likely an updated version of the classic samurai helmet (same as Darth Vader's helmet and likely where the French comic got it): 




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