A request for Mathew Leery Figure Painter.

  • Please Matthew if you could spare the time could you do a "How I painted the Harvesters" post for us to get your brilliant Hues. Very sorry spelled your surname wrong.

  • I agree to this... 

  • Me too...

  • He wrote the recipe on the Facebook post: sprayed the base with Vallejo "sand" color. Picked out a few highlights with an off-white/ivory paint. Wash with GW Gulliman Flesh Contrast. Added some GW Coelia Greenshade to darken shells on the back, leaving the raised edges light. Picked out some highlights again; wash the edges with thinned blue, then another highlight, wash with some thinned yellow/orange. Then some highlights again. Lastly a thin orange for some parts of arms. The underside got another layer of ivory to lighten it up. Then face details using black, white, and ivory with a dot of fluorescent orange over white for the eyes. The just some spot coloring here and there to make things stand out (edges of the bio weapon plates etc.).

  • Thank you Matthew Leahy and Hudson Adams You two sirs are "Gentlemen" the forum gives its thanks.👌👏

  • Yes, thank you both for that.

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