What are all the multi-part/customizable female 28mm models in print?

  • I'm wondering if I missed anything:

    Cannon Fodder 2
    Eisenkern Panzerjäger
    Partisans 2 (upcoming)

    Wizards II
    Soldiers II
    Barbarians II
    Crew II
    Mercenaries II

    Warlord Games:
    Project Z: Female Survivors

    Sisters of Battle

  • GEG Plastic Gunfighters II

    Fireforge Folk Rabble AND the Living Dead Peasant version of the same models. 2 out of 6 of the figures on the sprues are female (also some useful noncombat arms).

    Shieldwolf do Shieldmaidens, Sisters of Faith (Not-Sisters of Battle) and Sisters of Talliareum (same design as Sisters of Faith but with shields and hand weapons. Not-Sisters of Sigmar.)

    GW also have females in Necromunda (mostly Eshin, but others have some), Blood Bowl (The recently released Amazon team is NOT oversized either), and Elves in both 40K and Warhammer/AoS.

  • I should have remembered Gunfighters II. I wasn't sure if those Folk Rabble were women or just robed men.

  • @Nanashi Anon 

    Defintely women.

    And there are some female heads on the Stargrave Trooper sprue, because a woman in heavy body armour only looks different if she has her helmet off.

    There's also the 11 figure Malifeaux plastic sprue. While the limbs are overly long and the models are more 32-5mm, the heads and torsos scale quite well to normal 28mm ranges, and the hands, feet and weapons etc are also fine. There is also a skirt that could be simply converted just by shortening the hem and the leg that fits with it.

  • @Nanashi Anon RGD's Faun's (whole sprues of females)  and thier new Amazons.

    You mentioned Warlord Games Female Female Survivors, but those are not really in print and were done by another company called Wargames Factory who also had an Amazon set (more hellenist fantasy than proper scythians) and female parts in their Soviet set for WW2 female snipers though both of those a rare and oop now.

    There  are others multipart plastic female kits (like the Kingdoms of Death minis), but to be honest I am not sure how kitbashable they are or if they are in print.

  • Statuesque, Bad Squido games, Victoria's miniatures, all make beautiful female miniatures, as do Bombshell miniatures, Raging Heroes, Artel and Heresylab, and many others.  No shortage of excellent female miniatutes from many sources really.

  • @Brendan Flynn Exactly, also Anvil Industry make some female bodies and heads, plus arms & legs, in their regiments' range, these parts allows an incredible variety of combinations, and are (mostly) compatible with other "Heroic Scale"minis. They sell also STL files for 3D printing.

  • Shieldwolf also just concluded a kickstarter that has 2 new female sets. The Valkyries and the Arivises (arabian themed). 

    The Barbarians 2 and Mercenaries 2 sets from northstar are really nice. The Mercs in particular  have a ton of head options. Much more that the Barabarians do... the sprure is like an inch longer. 

    I do love the Barabarians weapon options though. They have a right and left hand punch dagger. Also a great set.

  • @Nanashi Anon Eschers, although they are a bit.. weird.

  • @Brendan Flynn he's specifically talking about plastics though. 

  • Also... not all species have gender dimorphicism. and among those that are egg laying, the females are often larger and stronger than the males. And are not likely to lactate. 

    (Barsoomians are an exception 😉)

    So Reptilemen can be used for reptilewomen just fine. Maybe different head options if you want to distinguish. Boys might have more vivid colouration, too.

  • Posting a reply to another topic reminded me that EM-4 have their plastic Gangers which include 2 female bodies and arms in the sprue. The arms are not great but they and the heads can be swapped out for for current spares from Stargrave or WGA sets! The bodies work well with many alternatives and the same goes for the male figures included. Plus they are incredibly cheap!

  • @Paul Mitting thanks for the heads up on those. Same price per figure (£1) as the Stargrave and Frostgrave troop kits, a little more expensive than Oathmark (£25 for 30) and marginally cheaper than WGA (usually £25 for 24).

  • @Paul Mitting 

    Never saw those before.  Thanks.


    Times are so hard in the future they can't even afford pants.

  • +1 on the Anvil Female range... I'm an Anvil fanboi but I find some of their "heroic" males a bit TOO chunky and the legs are seriously stumpy! That said a bit of careful conversion with weapons from the likes of Crooked Dice can yield some cool results, especially if you use the better-proportioned female legs even on male figures ;) I especially like their female headsculpts and use these in a lot of my "post ap survivor" coneversions :)

  • @Nanashi Anon it might be good if you could edit your original post with the later suggestions, to have them all in one place at the top.

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