Female multipart plastic sets

  • I posted this in the goblin samurai thread, but it probably should be its only thing. 

    What multipart plastic female minis are there? And what are your thoughts. the mantic basaleans are listed but technically not plastic. 

    these are the ones I have:


    The Idoneth deepkin female bodies do look like females. Which is good. The Witch elves/  sisters of slaughter are good too. As are the female torsos on the Shadow elves/ sisters of... some elfy name... Avalorn? But with all GW are super expensive for what you get. The plastic Daemonettes are good too. And even though almost have just one breast... (the other side is kind of a breast) are very feminine. I actually like them quite a bit.

    Shieldwolf's shield maidens are good... but a bit on the tall side and I dont like the heads  (too many wind swept hair) and i dont like the thin arms or lack of weapon options. I Still have like 30 sprues from the kickstarter a couple years back. They are supposed to relaunch the araby girls and Valkyries at some point, but no word as to when, as of yet. 

    The Shield wolf paladins I dont like at all. They are just as tall as the shield maidens but bulkier so seem larger. The heads are a bit better but I dont like the weapon options. I did not kickstart these... actually the kickstarter was cancelled and they were sold from shieldwolf directly. I ended up buying a box from CHAOSORC on ebay... but the set was expensive and NOT worth it.

    The Mantic Basailean (sp) sisters are pretty bad. And not really sprue plastic as they are the restic material. They CAN be made to look alright but in general look like guys dressed as women. I still have like 40 bodies left of these and still use them some times in conversions. The only heads I liked were the hooded ones and you did not get many of those. 

    I do like Starggrave crew 2, and WA Cannon fodder 2 and have used a torso and a head of each in fantasy conversions. Nothing amazing but serviceable. 

    I dont have the female gunslingers yet.

    I have both Soldiers 2 and wizards 2. And will definitley get Barbarians 2 when released. Which reminds me that I do want another box of soldiers 2 but the Amazon/ebay prices have been kind of high lately on those. 

    Fireforge's peasant rabble has some females. They arent bad, but a bit frumpy, in dresses and there is only 2 bodies so not a lot of variety. Still, not bad. I had 1 sprue of the dwarves that had females (2 bodies) and they were not bad either.

    Malifaux... yeah they are even taller than Shieldwolf. I have mostly cut torsos from this kit. The heads are good but small, The arms/hands are thin and not a lot of spare/loose equipment on the sprue. And you only get 1 sprue (maybe 2?) in the box. So expensive for what you get.

    The old Wargames Facgtory female survivors. Was actually a good set. The heads arent great. But the bodies are pretty good. Especially the plump body, that I have used in making some female commanders for my northmen. The Female zombies are good too in theory, but while I have a box I dont think I have used any as of yet.

    The old Wargames factory amazons... The bodies were not horrible. (and I still have like 100 as I did the 5 box deal right before Wargames factory and the Tony Reidy china thing happened. The heads... there is like 1 helmet I liked. You only got a couple non hemeted heads and they were not great. They are on the smaller/thinner side but not overly so. But They dont have a lot of pose variety and do look really stiff, or like @Grumpy Gnome said... manequins. 

  • The new Amazons from the Scythians kickstarter have not delivered yet, but I backed pretty big in that kickstarter so should have a bunch ... at some point in the future...

  • @William Redford 

    That was a pretty all encompassing list.

    I wasn't tracking then Malifeux (sp?) female kit at all until your above mentioned thread.  Shame they're all about 8ft tall... they look really good otherwise.

    There is a new Mercenaries II kit coming:

    The female Barbarians kit is pretty new, so to save folks a Google:



  • @William Redford 

    Reference the old Wargames Factory Amazons:

    I think the kit as a concept has incredible potential.  The execution was just lacking.  They just looked like awkward bobble heads.  

    For an example of Amazons done right:

    Or the stunningly good Lucid Eye Miniatures:


  • @William Redford 

    We forgot about the excellent WGA Panzerjager.


    When the miniatures are assembled they are definitely representative of the female form.  The torsos as a stand alone part is only vaguely suggestive of female.  


  • @JTam Nice!  I'll have to snag the new Stargrave and Frostgrave chicks.  Putting together my bad guys for Five Leagues and Five Parsecs, I got some total sausage parties going on; my villains need a bit more of that "feminine touch."

    Plus, I need some good gals, too.

  • Oh, and then there's the most common, best selling, multi-part plastic female kits of all: