Grey Aliens!

  • How is everyone? This is my first post. Though I am a fan of using WGA kits as 40k proxies, I understand they are also crafting their own universe and that there are people who want something non-40k inspired or related. 


    So, what if Death Fields had Grey Aliens with 1950s or H.G. Wells-inspired tech? Heat rays, freeze guns, black smoke, brain suckers, take your pick. 

  • At some point I hope to get around to my 50’s Pulp sci-fi/horror project. I have a bunch of Mantic Mars Attacks Martians and some stuff from Bombshell Miniatures but could do with more things to help me flesh out that universe. Especially more affordable “bits” for kitbash conversions. Spare weapons in metal tend to be spendy.

    “Greys” do have more applications than just Pulp as well. Thinking Stargate here for example.

    Reaper has some “Greys” but they lack the versatility of a multi-pose plastic kit.

  • In the board-game "Wild West Exodus" there is a fraction called "watchers"... they are perfect...


  • @Nicolas Carrero @Grumpy Gnome In many books and films the "Greys" take the responsibility for more or less every thing that the "Universe" throws at us. It would be a great little kit, so many time periods and uses.

  • @Frank Reischmann  While some folks find them perfect, I find them too big. And their weapons often even more so.

    Nor do they have a 50’s Pulp sci-fi vibe. And they are pricey. 

    But then preferences for aesthetic styles and pricing are very personal things.


  • Retro-styled Spacemen (and women) plus a decent range of Alien adversaries would be a bit hit with me! 

  • Bombshell Miniatures and Hydra Miniatures make some great Pulp retro sci-fi sculpts but I do really like the artistic flexibility with plastic multi-pose kits over metal.

  • This inspired me to try Cannon Fodder bodies with some of the Stargrave alien heads to make Saucer People. The jumpsuits will be silver and the skin likely green (making them grey is just going to look boring, and these aren't real Grey heads anyway). Using the most raygun looking weapons on the Stargrave sprues. So far, looking pretty sweet!

    Photos to follow. 

    Just noticed that the new Stargrave Mercenaries II sprue has a couple of large cranium heads that could be used for Greys (or Cantina Band... 😉 ), especially on smaller bodies (Goblins with most of the detail sanded off?). Or CF ones with a chunk taken out of the waist and/or limbs.

  • Further thought, inspired by a post on the FB group. Einherjar stripped of all their space dwarf bits do end up looking a bit retro-SF:

    Note the smaller guns - pretty much rayguns. Just add a small dish, a bead, or an antenna, maybe?

    Raid Stargrave alien heads, spare Lizardman ones or even Cannon Fodder (those bald heads can have pointy ears added, or have their craniums enhanced...) 

  • @Grumpy Gnome I know this isn't multipart, but have this little green fellows come across your radar? Seem like they would work great for retro and generic SF, I am thinking of getting some.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I have not seen those before but they do look the part and are a good price. If I did not have a load of Mantic Mars Attacks Martians I might grab some of those, even though they are not multi-pose plastic, because of that price.

    I lost an auction the other day for an old Kickstarter pledge for Space Cadet: Away Team. Kicking myself as I was planning on “bid sniping” but lost track of the time.


  • Hydra Miniatures also do some cool Pulp retro sci-fi “Greys”... but in metal. They lack the versatility of a multi-pose plastic kit.

  • I  posted this in another thread, but here are my own Saucer people in progress:

    Heads and most arms courtesy of Stargrave kits. Ask around - a lot of people will have spares!

  • A Gray showed up a my neighborhood street party!

    Some pretty solid '50s retro vibes.

  • @JTam You guys over the pond do things with "style", ours are cardboard😭.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Halloween is America's best holiday.

    (Christmas is better.... But doesn't belong to America.)

  • I've posted it elsewhere, but thought the painted up Saucer People should get put here as well, especially since this was the thread where they started!

    Great Leader Leadorr, Warriors Blastaa and Zappaa, and Drones HU-E, DU-E and LU-E.

    I have plans to add Science Officer Proborr...

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