Any news on the Thureophoroi front?

  • For some unknown reason I recently decided to start up a Ancient Greece / Macedonian force for various games and in my quest to find more plastic minis stumbled on the post from last May on the Thureophoroi! 

    They would fill a nice plastic shaped hole in the current offerings from everyone else.

    Are these still planned? Could we see more Greek/Macedonians in the future?
    pikemen would be perfect for a army builder ;)

    I know you guys are busy pumping out just about everything going at the moment and its all fantastic stuff. The previews in that kit looked great too!

  • For those thinking this could be some sort of group*, sorry 😀

    * Sadly not like the The People's Front of Judea, or was it the Judean People's Front?

  • @James Cutts I don't know, the people who really like early Hellenist armies really want them, everyone else is like "there is more to the Ancient world than Greece and Hellenist states🤬" and almost veto anything Greek in the polls (they are kinda of overdone).

    Thureophoroi and their heavy infantry counterpart don't seem like they would be hard to kitbash though with the right Victrix kits:

  • @James Cutts I too am HUGELY looking forward to the thureophoroi- just as much as the late legionaries actually. I'm hoping that early 2023 both of them might get released - the few previews for both have them looking great.


    Not TOO far down the list .....


  • @JTam They have been there for a long, long time though :(

  • @H M True.

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