Sets you are looking forward to

  • German Sentries World Ablaze I want the german shephards
    Secret Set Shhhh 2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead. 
    Warring States Infantry First Empires I like the idea I have seen others suggest of an undead terra cotta army.
    Warring States Cavalry First Empires See above
    Warring States Chariots First Empires See above
    Germanic Warrior Army Builder Decline and Fall for use in fantasy. I will make a horde of something.
    Merovingian Franks Decline and Fall for use in fantasy
    Trolls Classic Fantasy Can always use more trolls
    Farm Animals General Accoutrements My lonely farmers need dates
    Conquistador Cavalry Renaissance May get 3 boxes
    New Kingdom Eqyptian Archers First Empires Not sure yet, but want them
    New Kingdom Egyptian Spearmen First Empires see above
    Halfling Cavalry Classic Fantasy So I can finally finish my hafling army
    Cannon Fodder Command and Heavy Support Death Fields I like the Cannon Fodder so will get all cannon fodder sets
    Treemen Classic Fantasy Its fantasy so yeah

  • Oh... i accidentily cut the Grognard Raptor cavalry... But I want them too. But will likely try to put conquistadors or Aztecs on them.

  • I want the WW2 sentries for the dogs too... but I'm intending to convert them into Traveller Vargr aliens.

    Partisans 2 isn't listed specifically, so I assume the secret World Ablaze one is that.

    I'm looking forward to the early 20th C Russians and Japanese. Need some of that look for late Victorian VSF.

    Farm animals.

    Modern operators.

    Curious that the stock list does not list all products. So do we assume that any not listed are in stock with all three centres?

  • Definitely:

    (Although I'll join the chorus.  I wish they had dropped some heads (still don't get the GI helmets) or the cannon arms to get another body on the sprue.)

    The Raptor Cavalry.

    The Trojan Chariot.  F*CKING AWESOME.  

    The "Polish" Cavalry if that actually appears.  Would be SUPER pumped if these come out.  

    WW1 Russians.

    Partisans II.

    The Egyptians (probably will only grab a sprue each... These would be for skirmish gaming, Broken Legions specifically).

    Trolls.  At least a sprue for Silver Bayonet.

    Napoleonic Camp Followers.  At least a sprue for Silver Bayonet.

    And strangely the Germanic Army builder set.  I already have enough Germans for skirmish gaming and Victrix and Warlord both already have plastic Germans.... But still I am intrigued.  EDIT: I see these are for "Decline and Fall".  That's later than I am interested in.  

  • Honestly, I am looking forward to every single set.

    If only I had more time to paint..... 🎨 

  • @Grumpy Gnome exactly what I was thinking.

  • Really looking forward to the operators kit, as well as any other in the modern range. it seems to be very versatile, id like to see if i could do something along the lines of shadow company from the call of duty games.

    MW2 - Shadow Company by IIReII on DeviantArt

  • Definetly The Great war British, and the Maxim and Hotchkiss mg sets!!

  • Glad to see they've finally managed to sort out the release schedule page for the website again. 

    As for what I'm most looking forward to:

    • Secret Set - Shhhh: Simply because I want to know what is, here's hoping it's something else for Ancients or Dark Ages and not another Death Fields, WWII or Moderns set, because Ancients and Dark Ages need more plastics, Death Fields have got a good lot of teams to choose from now, WWII has enough plastics as it is with Warlord obsessing over Bolt Action and Moderns are just boring.
    • Warring States Chinese: Definitely something that has not been covered yet and deserves plastics, and not just because I've been collaborating on an Ancients fantasy universe where the Chinese in this period are ruled by Elves.
    • Late Roman and Germanic Warrior army builders: I'm most interested to see how these will differ from the existing Chainmail Roman and Goth boxes and the upcoming Scale Armour Romans and Franks, and if these (with some added Celtic moustaches) will make good additional Combrogi for my Dark Age Welsh army.
    • Lorica Squamata Romans: These will have uses for many different units clad in Scale Armour across the Ancients and Dark Ages eras with some suitable head swaps.
    • Merovingian Franks: Especially interested to see how these will be made different from the Goths and recognisably Frankish.
    • Unarmoured Legionaries: Again, these will have uses as unarmoured Romano-British and Welsh infantry as well as Romans.
    • Thureophoroi: Especially if they include parts for standard Greek Peltasts as well as the Macedonian Heavy Peltast variant, as there aren't any standard plastic Peltasts yet (except perhaps Victrix, but I'm looking for something more compatible with the Warlord/Immortal Greeks I already have).
    • New Kingdom Egyptians: A long-overdue but popular subject in the Ancients market finally given some plastics of their own.
    • Trojan Chariot: I'm most interested to see how they design this. Here's hoping they also make Trojan Infantry to fight alongside it and Mycenean Greeks to fight against it!

  • @Caratacus 

    What are the compatibility issues between the Warlord/Immortal plastic Greeks and Victrix?


    That would be awesome.  It's really calling out for a boxed game.   Trojans and allies Vs.  Greeks.  

  • @Davy Jones Those bodies and helmets are 90% Ooh Rah. Just add some fully sleeved arms (i.e. Cannon Fodder with weapon swaps) and max up the webbing add-ons.

    Of course, finding the right weapons in the right scale grade is the trick. The old WGF/Warlord Apocalypse Survivor kits have a lot of loose modern weaponry, but are strict historical scale (not ruggedised at all) and can look flimsy. 

    You could likely manage it with Bulldog or Cannon Fodder bodies, too. The latter would just need a bit of webbing added with putty. Cannon Fodder helmets could be tarted up without that much trouble, by adding visors, goggles, night vision etc. 

  • My usages are mostly for 'low fantasy' skirmish and RPG's in Hyborian style settings - so that skiews the kits I'm looking forward to the most, lol.

    1) Thureophoroi - they seem like they are gonan be a great set to make and kit bash starting male characters for hyborian games/settings with a more classical or ancient world take.

    2) Trojan Chariot - I dont know if it was planned already, and it just happened to pop up after my post extolling the virtues of Hector as the greatest hero of those at Troy, but I remember it popped up soon after, and I feel a connection to it in that regard. I am keenly looking forward to seeing it, though!

    3) Ancient Egyptians (with a hope they lead to a Sherden/Sea People dual kit down the road)

    4) Warring states kits

    5) Squamata legionaries - These guys were at the top of my list for a long time, but the victrix kits did scratch my itch some. That said, I'm still very keen to get my hands on a set of these.

    *that said, I will always be keen to see if the Lizardmen get an update or upgrade sprue!

  • @JTam Regarding the Warlord/Immortal Greeks and Victrix Greeks, from what I've seen Victrix models are noticeably taller and with larger heads than ranges like Warlord, Gripping Beast e.t.c, whereas Wargames Atlantic manages to bridge the gap between the two - therefore it would be nice to have a WGA Peltast kit that would fit in seamlessly with both Warlord and Victrix.

  • Trojan Chariot, Egyptians, and the Squamata Legionaires for the historics line because I've been feeling bronze-age recently. I'll eventually need to pick up the conquistadors to make gunpowder legionaires.

  • @Caratacus [Inregards to Victrix models] There is some variation over the years, with victrix undergoing it's own slight 'scale creep' with more recent models seemingly being pumpkin heads. I'm trying to kit bash some civilians from thier late roman kit, and unhelmeted heads from earlier kits seem too small on them. But perhaps oddly, Wargames Atlantic from the irish kit are fine on them size wise, perfect infact, aside from that the loose heads I have don't match the look I was going for.

  • @Davy Jones 100% with you on modern contractors... for "Division" reasons though 😎

  • @H M 

    Ooh, you have sparked an idea. I picked up a single sprue of Irish to test turning the dogs into Vargr aliens (which worked fairly sweetly) and was going to turn the humans into generic medieval bandits... BUT with the right heads and accessories they would make pretty good surfers/stoners. There's a beer can arm from the WGF Apocalypse Survivor kit. Sunglasses heads.


  • OK, I have to revise my previous comment. While I am excited and looking forward to each WGA release... I have become a bit obsessed with the Quar. I could not pick a most anticipated set before but now I can. 


  • @Grumpy Gnome Quar it is then my "Jolly little Gnome"and I think we will join you bring on the "Maybury SQUIRELS" 


  • QUAR! QUAR! QUAR! Bring on the little "Pykpyk" Squirels.

  • I really want skeleton cavalry and chariots. I think the chariots will be based on Trojan war kits, so I'm looking forward to that stuff coming out so I can get more skeletons.

    Being the contest winner, I'm obviously excited for ogres as well!

    The Egyptians and warring states Chinese are intriguing as well.


    To be honest, everything Wargames Atlantic puts out looks great to me. The 0200 Hours game, for example, is one of those things that I didn't know I wanted until I saw it.

  • @Michael Stockdale "Didn`t know I wanted until I saw it." That  0200 hr game snap I could not agree more must be those great miniatures and those "Shepards".

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