Future Kitbash: Hittite Armored Spearmen

  • With WGA having announced in the past the development, production, and sale, of late roman legionaries with the lorica squamata, it got me thinking about bronze age armies, and the Hittites rather famously had heavily armored footmen, with knee-length tunics with bronze or near the end of the Bronze Age, iron. So, using the persians kit already avalible (of which blends nicely with the Dark Age Irish mind you), for heads, weapons, and shields, while using the dark age irish or goths for capes, I think you'd have a really compelling hittite warband using the spears from the Persians or the shorter swords from the Irish or Goths.

    So, what do y'all think of this idea?

  • I like the idea of it! There may be a need to swap out legs though.

  • @Viking Cowboy It's certainly has potential to yield some great conversions, though for Hittites I would not look for cloaks in the Irish or Goth boxes - the Irish have cloaks that are fastened around the right shoulder in the Celtic style, while the Goth cloaks are rough furs. Neither of these would look right for Bronze Age Hittites. I'd say something like the ones on the Gripping Beast Dark Age Picts sprue are more what you're looking for:

    Long cloaks that drape behind the body would be far more suitable for a mighty Bronze Age power like the Hittites. I don't know if any such cloaks will be implemented in the Late Roman or Dark Age Warrior army builder boxes, but it's worth keeping a look out for additional sources.

  • @Caratacus The idea was for the armored retainer spearmen depected in some art

  • @Viking Cowboy If you could post the artwork on this thread, that would give us all a better understanding of what aesthetic you're looking to achieve when converting your Hittites.

  • @Caratacus  here's the raw artefacts

  • @Caratacus  and here's a depiction of a hittite king in armor, with bow and spear not on a chariot which I assume meant that dismounted fighting happened in armor, if rarely.

  • @Viking Cowboy really like the idea. The capes problem could be solved with some green stuff. 

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