Afghan conversion parts

  • Here's an example of a group of parts designed to work with an existing plastic set - in this case a modernization set for our Afghan Warriors. You'll see lots of things like this that will give you more options for the plastic sets. And, remember, just because it appears within Atlantic Digital doesn't mean it won't also be tooled for hard plastic.

  • This is a great set and a even greater concept.  

    Excited to see what other conversion and add-on sets for existing plastic sets you come out with.

    (Like a Panzer Lehr plus up set with prone body, Panzerschreck and arms, and more helmeted heads ;) )

  • @JTam Right a prone body would be useful either for the MG42s and the Panzerschreck, naturally with gloved arms added for the latter.

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    Prone Panzerschreck arms for the prone body would be great.

    You just need to be able to crank the head around enough to sight down the weapon.

    Prone loader arms holding rocket too.

    Prone bodies are great for snipers and loaders/assistants in general.

    More "conventional" Panzerschreck arms would work with the existing standing and kneeling bodies.

    Lot of discussion on a Panzer Lehr expansion or heavy weapons set here:



  • Anyone had a chance to print these yet? Wondering how they'd look with some Persians 

  • @Miyuso 



    Could be on to something here.

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