What have you done with the renaissance range plastics? What are your plans?

  • I've done quite a few conversions with the conquistadors, and i have an Aztec army project WIP.

    What has everyone else been up to with the plastic kits?

  • Most of my work has been with Cannon Fodder, various projects that I have posted. I will say to anyone that thinks the zippers are too large, that doesn't play out in practice - if you look at the raw plastic the edges of the zipper visually forms part of the zipper; when painted the edges of the zipper visually form part of the jumpsuit and the zip part seems a lot smaller.

  • I am painting a Portuguese Descobrimentos army, waiting for the cavalry and for the ogres for a fantasy twist.

    I use them for several wargaming and skirmish games.

  • I'll likely get a sprue of Conquistadores for experiments soon. 

  • I'm still plugging away on building my Mordheim Human Mercenaries warband from the Conquistadors.

    I've found that Perry European Mercenaries heads can work well to give a variation in the heads, help make them more individual characters.

  • If you have ever heard of Warhammer Armies Project I've been using my conquistadors for that. It's one of the largest fan recreations of warhammer fantasy and the army count has been essentially doubled. With that in mind I use these models for Estalia which is essentially fantasy spain. The box is so versatile too, I make pikemen and regular handgunners and eliete handgunners and rodeleros out of it. I'll probably pick up the ogres as well to throw in the army. Here are all of the rules and army books for free if you're interested 

    Warhammer Armies Project


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