Damned Lore

  • I just figured out the downside to the Atlantic Digital initiative; no box blurb.

    What do we know about the Damned? Are they World War 3 survivors, or descendants from a failed colony world? 

    ps: I assume the file is under review right now because someone realized they forgot the set's victory libation (there really needs to be a classic soda bottle bit in there.)

  • Eh, the post apocalypse thing does not make a whole lot of sense given the Ooh, Rah box blurb (this is also why genetically engineered space colonist elves don’t make sense😆).  

    They look like a mismatch of eras, so why don't we view them as guys and gals who either "escaped" or where “abandoned” on tournament worlds given their "the damned" title. WA could also go with them being random battlefield looters from the various eras that got picked up by accident.

  • Didn't you read it? 

  • @Hudson Adams Now I have. I don't know why you bothered going the apocalptic space cult route, but whatever🤷‍♂️🤣.

  • @Hudson Adams I take it back.


    Now are getting a sippy cup with Kool aid for the set? 

  • I think the failed habitat part is an interesting touch. 

  • Making them from one planet rather than "this is the entirety of human future" is in line with all the other units. In the future, planets are countries 😉

  • I feel like this fixes the "modern nations in space" idea that the ooh-rah had. Really wish these were real models, though. I lack any form of 3d printer.

  • Their time will come, @Estoc  

    I feel that both the Damned and the Kobolds could do with a bit more sculpting. Most likely each kit is slated for eventual plastic release, but both kits have a bit of a rough look to them. Of course, that may be attractive to some folk, for those troops.

    And that's another thing - just because a kit has been released in digital doesn't stop them from adding extras or revised versions later.

  • I haven't seen them printed, but the rendering on those cape masks look pretty rad

  • I'd be all over these in hard plastic. This is this sort of thing I've been hoping to see one day, along with a reliable source of AKs and hooded gasmasked figures.

    Lore wise, lots of scope for failed colonies/habitats that have devolved into post apocalyptic/feral hellholes or devolved into more primitive societies. I imagine more primitive historical humans being popular for more low tech death fields fights.




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