"BBAAAA HUMBUG" at least I didn`t swear.

  • Christmas is rapidally decending on us,  today when I leave the santury of this "Forum ". I`ve the decorations to sort out. Normally I`m full of joy at the prospect of this, however I`ve a bad case of Monty Zumas revenge, this week, and my right eye feels as if it has been punched by Tyson Fury. So my enthusiasm has  dwained, still it`s got to be done. Trouble is I `m still searching for a load of my Wargameing items that are lost in transit in the shed and cupbourd I really want my items that scale, and I didn`t sell. Sadly to make sure they did not get mixed up with the other items, I put them in storage boxes and they`ve been buried in the shed. I`m after all my Dinos ,Vehicles and the last remaining 1/56th figures I own.

  • I`ve two of these and the large one thats been in other posts, these are, Eileen and my Dino project, and along with the Ooh-Rah as the base troops I think will fit the world perfect. I just want to find them all and bring them together as one organization with markings .Plus I want this baby for the Valkiry.  

  • Yes I know I`m terrible bought it put it back in the box and it went in the shed when the ramp was being done for the wheelchair. Do you guys do the same or is it just this old fossil getting  older. Any way my buildings are also in the mix as are all the follaige, and resin water packs  and a half finished waterfall. My New Year resolution will be "Never get yourself in such a mess again it will probablly last all of a week then chaos will reign. So I've had my rant with my friends all what's left to do is to wish you, in no particular order, J-Tam ; Bill ; John ; GG ; and all my mates on the forum, and if your name wasn't there it was because it was beginning to sound like the Waltons, A Merry Christmas. Love to all, Geoff.

  • I try to keep a well organized system for the hobby but still find things can go temporarily missing from time to time. My memory just is not what it used to be. I hope you feel better soon mate.

  • So... for the most part, I know where stuff is and can find it when needed...but...

    Ever year for the past 12, 15? my gaming group and I (they really can just be called "my friends" now as they are the ones I socialize with exclusively even outside of gaming... and our wives socialize as well... anyway... every year we do a Holiday gift exchange. Well, I will put stuff on my amazon wish list and they will buy and then I will forget why I asked for it... and will put it in the basement. I promptly forget of its existence. Then a year or 2 later, I will find it accidentily and... bonus!

    Its embaressing the number of times this has happened... I will find a box a think "where did this come from" and then ask in our group chat and get reminded of the year and gifter. I have 2 boxes of necromunda stuff I found after last years gift exchange, when I was putting new stuff in the basement...

  • @Grumpy Gnome Cheers mate been run down since that tooth removeval mouth full of mouth ulcers, then this developes, great in mind, but body oh no. Any way house decotated lights to do tomorrow to shatered to finish all in one go. looks good though pictures tomorrow. Now its X-mas. Love geoff.

  • @William Redford Are we not a pair mate, House finished exept for lights on trees, did not find one "Wargame" item they must all be in the shed, along with the outdoor X- mas lights. If not this side of X-mas I will need to sort out the mess in the "New year". Eileen brought a range of nine books "Primordal Earth". They are time travel with dinos, the ultimate survival books, and really fit in with "The drowned Earth" for scenery but are a lot more savage, and less fantasy only Dinos and Humans. Wilst I`ve felt so crap, they have been my scorse of "Brain Food", and I`m enjoying them emencely. We have sadly lost our playing group to job moves and London , now we only each other at this time for gaming. Covid spoilt a few friendships making them  long distant instead of door step. I`m greatfull for this new medium are you set for Christmas every thing done? Love Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury Tonight I will buy presents for my neice and nephew. Wife got our kids sorted, and I already shopped for my friends. The Tree is not up yet, and no decorations up yet. 

    We hosted Thanksgiving this year. My cousins and their kids came. It was a somewhat big event (for us) as there were about 22 people here. But the exciting part was my cousin's daughter (age 13) plays dungeons and dragons. So she was fascinated with all my junk and I ended up loading her with minis and dice and books. 

    My cousin and the daughters and one of my gaming friends, have set up a pathfinder 1st edition Saturday game for January, so that should be fun. I have never GM'd for kids (except when I was a kid) so will have to use less dark story lines. Though like most Americans, my cousin has no issues with gratuitous violence. :) 

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    How funny... actually I plan a QuinJet-project over the chrismas-days with the same modell for my IronCore-Troopers... and I have bought a STL for a second one newxt year...


    I will use the cockpit-items from the STL for the modell too...


  • @Frank Reischmann That is one rather sweet Quin jet print at not a bad price. I hope my  bad boy turns out like this, when I get to start, this made just for the Valkir.

  • @Geoff Maybury all the best of "Season's Greet" to you too mate 😍

    I just put the outside house lights up yesterday... thank heavens I did as we had snow last night, with more on the way! The rest of the decorations are sitting on their boxes ready to go up today, and then it'll be mince pies and port o'clock 🤣

    I spent the last couple of weekends sorting out the "man cave", and TRIED to prirotise projects... I rashly decided to redo ALL my Zona Alfa figures and terrain... but then saw the WWI British sprues so got excited and sidetracked back into "pulp era"... whilst at the same time working on my Terminator project... 

    Do we NEVER learn  😂

    I was hoping to get to the hobby store to get some new paints for my WWI French troops tomorrow, but we'll see....

  • @Bill Thomas Well I`ve shot myself in the foot to pal. I put on the posts I was doing a Dino project, then before I could get said "Dinos" out of the shed we have a loger a young black and white cat as started to live in the shed. Shes a good guest no mess, and yes we have started feeding her. Last night It dropped down to -9 so I gave her a "Thermal" blanket, we will never change, still, untill we sort out her living arangments, I can`t get our "Dinos" S**T. On a positive note, "My Rubicon Nam X-mas present came through the post. EEEHH AAAARRE. 

  • @Geoff Maybury 😂😂😍

  • @Bill Thomas This is the little lady

  • Taken on one of our wildlife cameras,  untill she move in,or moves on I`m stuck the items I want are all along the back wall and shes half way down the shed "OH WELL" shes cute.

  • Tia loves a CHristmas hat as long as it not red.

  • Shed of shame were every dam thing as been dumped in the front of my items at the back and a box as colapesed. The front froze solid so we must take care.

  • Basement of shame for me...

  • @Geoff Maybury and @Mark Dewis  yup, I have my "Loft of Unassailable Projects" 🤣

    Luckily my little hound knows the best place to be...

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