game systems?

  • What game systems do people like for this time period? I'm aware of SAGA and the age of invasions module for that game. There's also the more genericly broad historical systems like hail caesar. I would love to learn about a new game system that really dives into late rome. I am also using my late romans as a human army for Kings of War because most of my friends wouldn't play a historical game if you put a gun to their heads.

  • @Big Boi I play Dux Britanniarium too, and also Dux Bellorum, from Osprey.

    You refered Saga Age of Invasions, and that must be my third choice, and tge one I play the most with friends. 

  • Have you considered Kings of War Historical?

    While it's not exactly chock full of late Roman flavor it would obviously represent an easy transition.