Regarding the base sizes of the spiders

  • I am planning to get the spiders sometimes soon and was wondering about what size of bases I should use for giant and the small spiders. Does anyone know?



  • Small spiders will fit on a normal 25mm base, the big guys need about a 40mm one.

  • @Mark Dewis thank you! Had hoped the large ones would fit a 50mm base, which I use for my large monsters. I am suprised the smaller ones will fit a 25mm base, I thought they would be larger. 

  • The small guys are basically dog-sized.

    I don't think a 50mm base would matter too much. Use the extra real estate for webs and victims. 

    I mean *I* put the two I ended up with from a preorder sprue on 40mm bases, but it looks like the example models on the store are probably on 50mm ones, assuming these Grognards are on 25mm ones:

    And the example store small guys look to have been put on 30mm bases. But either would work.

  • If you are worried about a 50mm looking too empty, you can change how widely the legs are spread to a degree - compare that image with the goblin rider on the box for instance.. In fact, if you alternate the core legs you can even fit them on cavalry bases and rank them up.

  • @Blutze Wasn't to worried about that, was more worried that 50mm was to small! But yeah, I do think they look best with a wider and lower profile. Thank you for the suggestion. 

  • I have small on 39 (40)mm bases and big on 65mm for certain game system.

    Someone made video for similar army:

    For best basing, probably:

    small 25mm flat bases,

    28-32mm cut cone bases,

    big: 50mm, space big on 50mm will have weapons slightly outside of the bases.

  • I have a hard visualizing sizes of things, how well would the large spiders fit on oval bases size: 60 x 35mm?

  • Just right on the width (at least on the widest spot), maybe a tiny bit spacious on the length. I think they don't taper all that much in width with normal poses, but the additional length should give you enough room of sufficiently-wide space.

  • Both have pretty circular footprints. I'd probably stick to round bases here.

  • There are mine on 65mm and 40mm bases:

  • The small ones can easily fit on a 25mm base or something bigger, depending on how you base things, the larger ones as mentioned need something bigger.

    I have mine on 55mm bases and depending on the pose of the legs it is a relatively good compromise between free space and keeping everything inside the base:

    Do keep in mind you can make more compact poses or wider poses, depending on your preferences and the overal intention of your miniatures.

  • @GreenScorpion Your are ingenious by combing the Einherjar. @Rondaros A'terac those look amazing! Definently something to be said for larger bases. 

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