2023 January Digital Releases

  • January's theme is Rebels and Revolutionaries.

    We can look forward to:


    WGA starting January off strong with this "The Great War" offering:


    Sidenote: I was really surprised the 3D/engraved banners won over the blank banners.  From the comments I think some thought "blank" banners meant a bare pole with no banner.

    Other sidenote: Laurence of Arabia carried a 1911?  Chronologically possible, but seems unlikely.  Off to research.

  • M1911 was not uncommmon in WW1. British officers purchased their own sidearms; there were even  a few hundred rechambered in .455 Webley used by the British Navy in 1917.

    The bodies are suitable for Afghans and Berbers. Nice add to the library!

  • This si an excellent set.  It's iconic and some how under served in war gaming. I could really see this being expanded further into a larger set. Great concept and great work!

  • @Red Bee 

    Everybody loves camels.

  • Another set that I hope makes it to plastic.

  • @Red Bee 

    This just got released today:

  • Orcs!

    I like em:

  • If those Orcs were a plastic release they would be on my “must have” list.

  • They're Angus McBride orcs:

    Rabbits In My Basement: Spanish Orcs

    That alone may bring in a certain sector of the market that have only ever wanted this.

  • I dug the chips in the orc armor. That's a great looking set.


    Are we really going to talk about this month's releases without talking about the bicycle and cigar lighting bits from the French Resistance? 

  • @Red Bee 

    It's a cool set for sure.  But I think it's technically a "December" release.

  • There's already been this preview of the "Mob and Guillotine"

    Looks like good wholesome family fun.

  • Back to this:

    I initially got excited for "Spanish Guerillas" as I was thinking Napoleonic Wars.  But if the Mob and Guillotine is for the Napoleonic War these are probably for the World Ablaze/Spanish Civil War?

    I'm probably most excited for the Neanderthals.  Love me the idea of some Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired gaming.

  • Will these digital releases also have a "real"(in plastic) release by Wargames Atlantic? There are a few sets, that I would buy, but I don't have a 3D printer.

  • So glad to see that these stls are already over on ONLY GAMES as physical miniatures 😍

    I was going to order a few bits anyways, but "Lawrence" and the ladies of "The Resistance" just jumped right on the list 🤣

  • @Bill Thomas Be carefull my friend I ordered  two packs of Security Robots from them on the 18th  nothing delivered no answer to "Emails". 3 emails sent no tracking element still at factory said despatched in 5 days put it on Facebook and it was removed. I`m not happy thought these roberts were great. 

  • It sounds like, despite the delay WGA took to ensure the company would be the correct choice, Only Games has stumbled a bit already.

    Deeply disappointing as folks I spoke to at Spiel in Essen a few months back who were representing Only Games and My Mini Factory were quite convincing.

    Current customer service from Only Games regarding WGA physical prints has been underwhelming from what I am hearing online.


    @Erebos Hammerhand WGA has said somethings released as STLs are expected to eventually be made in plastic. Only WGA knows what and when.

  •  The orcs are more of whats out there already (oathmark and warlord), kind of wanted to see either pig faced orcs or something less chaotic evil and more civilized neutral (ie orcs you could see living/fighting alongside humans as well as being thier own force).

  • @Bill Thomas Well if and when the Robots arrive, I`d like the Resistance Ladys and the upcoming Neanderthals. It`s a crying shame, because the Afhgans arms, Farm Animals, amd Cargo, still all have problems. Also that fantastic large "beast" designed to pull the wagon, as the wrong wagon, and thats a really buetifull looking set, that I think would go with many game systems. The poor devils seem swamped, and have a lot of teething problems.

  • @JTam I would 100% buy multiples this set and replace my current GW Lord of the Rings orcs if it was in plastic.  100%.

  • I have to agree that the figures being crafted by WGA look awesome, but actually gettting my grubby mitts on them has been problematic. Only Games have definitely dropped the ball and I can only hope they get their house in order quicktime. 

  • @Joseph Wright 

    Warlord Games sells the old Wargames Factory Orcs in plastic... Which have a semi-similar look it you need to scratch that itch now.

  • @Geoff Maybury where did you put it on facebook?

  • These were teased:

    Spartacus uprising I would assume.  A very cool start.


  • Sets for First Empires, Decline and Fall, and "General Accoutrements" posted.  

    Pretty exciting stuff.

    Xenophan is a great looking model.

    Will use the Gladiators for a Broken Legions warband.  

    The Neanderthals are a little more "refined" than I thought they would be.  Will still work for gaming a bit of this:


  • Guillotine is up.

  • Frankly speaking, it looks like it's already descended.

  • I notice the theme name got adjusted and Neanderthals moved from Blood Oaths, so we can put to rest any discussion about why they count as rebels.

    Good sets! These are historical Neanderthals based on current reconstructions, not pulp cavemen. You could always ugly them up if that's what you're after, I guess.

  • Like I said on MMF, the gladiator bits are going to be great additions to the Damned forces. I might steal a head for a base of a Turnip28 figure too. Great set!

    The Neanderthals looks fantastic and they might have been my favorite small set this month if they were multipart. I'll probably still give them a print some day, but I could really see them.being a.great Tarzan or Pellucidar base if they were multipart. The guillotine and Xenothon are both also full sculpts only. I guess they can't all be the Waggon Caravan, or Battlefield Medics set, but it was a bit disappointing. The posing and sculpts on the guillotine set makes up for it somewhat (love those guards!), but those would make for great bits.

  • @Red Bee

    What is MMF?

  • @Mark Dewis 

    I don't think Neanderthals should be mistakable for humans.

    Albeit I wasn't there.  

  • @JTam the main difference is a longer, lower skull. Hair hides most of that.

    And Homo Neanderthalensis were humans, just as validly as Homo Sapiens. We know they interbred.

    Here are some Homo Sapien samples:

    Maasai tribe.jpg

    Who are Eskimos, and which area on the Earth did they find? - Quora

    Researchers Unravel The Mysteries Of The Basque People | IFLScience

    Large multiracial group of people - Stock Image - C046/5190 - Science Photo  Library

    There's only so much that can be told from bones and reconstructions. 

  • @JTam my mini factory 

  • @Mark Dewis 

    If you can look at those two skulls and think a bit of skin and flesh stretched across the "two-head", massive brow ridges, and crushing jaw of the Neanderthal will make him fit right in at the local bar than OK, you are right.

  • I would tend to agree with@JTam  on the Neanderthals. Diversity within Homo Sapiens I get but to my eye those two skulls definitely look like different species. 

  • @Geoff Maybury sorry my friend, late to the party as always, but time is definietly one of the big things I do not have an abundance of so my time on here is limited :( 

    I have placed an order for the Cannon Fodder parts and the Robots (priority parts for some projects that need finishing!) so we'll see how it goes... ONLY GAMES were fine when I used them before; a little slow, sure, but okay... I did however notice this time a discrepency in their order taking in that I was charged shipping twice when it came to checkout....

  • More drops today, 24 JAN 23.

    Yet more Napoleonic:

    This set is actually really handy for all the less combat orientated specialists in "Silver Bayonet".  Doctors, occultists, etc.

    For First Empires:


  • But wait, there's more...

    Decline and Fall-ish:

    Neat set.

    Death Fields:

    (Teacupping makes me sad... But it is what it is).

    Very cool set. The bodies and weapon look good and are very flexible.


    Considering the fluff I probably would have accentuated the space Zoave aspect for the minis but that's just me. 

  • I've been wanting a good set of ACW themed sci fi minis for years now, so I'm glad this faction exists in Death Fields. 


    That said, while the minis are well sculpted, as all items from WGA are, the use of a fairly traditional modern style tactical vest and sci-fi assault rifle does leave me feeling like these guys are somewhat lacking in regards to a unique visual identity compared to other teams. 


    It would be nice to see the Rebel Yell expanded with additional bits that show more of the ACW aesthetic to help them stand out alongside their contemporaries. 

  • When you get down to it, trousers, blouse and spats/boots cover mid-19th century through to present day. Uniform colour aside, it's pretty much just the hats that are going to distinguish a space Confederate from a space Soviet or a space GI. Uniforms got really plain around the 19th C, Zouaves notwithstanding.   

    As someone has neatly pointed out on the Facebook group, this set have helmets that are quite similar to those of the Browncoats from Firefly. So that's likely a deliberate choice. 

    Probably not a massive coincidence that they look somewhat like Caidans without pads.


  • @RNGR.S6 

    These guys are GREAT generic sci-fi Infantry.

    They are poor American Civil War in Space!!! minis.

    Only the hats say ACW.  The armored gators are cool but not a Civil War signature.  Maybe some cylinder canteens, Bowie knives, sabres and oval belt buckles would have helped.  

  • The Rebel Y'all are probably my favorite set this month. I really like how over equipped they look. Every accessible surface of their body armor has a pouch or a grenade attached. Add on the giant space helmet and preference for assault weapons and you get the feeling these guys are really over compensating, which goes great with the lore. I really hope these guys don't end up a one and done. They have lots of potential. 

    The Mississippian set wasn't expected either. I cant see ever used in a wargaming table, but they look fun for painting and dioramas. A great take on an iconic look.


    I'm a bit disappointed the Jewish Revolt and the Committee weren't Multipart. I like WGA for kitbashing, and there has been more full-boddy than I would like. I guess the Committee makes sense since the set seem to be more dioramas than wargamy, but the Jewish Revolt could have been a good skirmish force.

  • @Red Bee generally I agree regarding multipart, but one of the aspects of digital is that you can manually edit things a bit so that you only print the parts you want. 

    The Mississippians should be useful as the basis for any number of tribal projects, Fantasy or otherwise. Historically they fought the Conquistadores of Hernando de Soto, so do match up with that existing WGA kit. There's no real reason they should see less use than Incans or Aztecs aside from being less well known - it's all pretty much the same thing.

  • I did not put the Rebel Yell helmets together with Firefly Browncoats, which are American M1 steel helmets with a central vertical line painted on them but I see it now... especially with what look similar to the G36 based props the Browncoats used in the Battle of Serenity Valley... and a pistol that looks like Mal’s.

    At least the fluff for the Rebel Yell do not glamorize Neo-Confederates very much.




  • @Lord Marcus On Wargame Atlantics site the were two or three asking whats going on and |I said ordered, Two lots of 4 robots on 18th Dec, tried to track, no luck, tried E-mails, and at Hello only-games . We have had no contact, I put a message also on a Wargames Atlantic page but that to as gone. Theres more items I`d like to purchase. That I like but, not till I at least know whats happening. Thanks you.

  • @Bill Thomas Keepin touch, still no joy, and more important no contact!!!!

  • @Grumpy Gnome someone on the digital tribe pointed out the Browncoat stripe thing.

    But you could just as easily use them as space USA or space French Foreign Legion.  Or a continuation into the 20th Century of the ACW (maybe with arm swaps from WW1/WW2 kits).

  • By my reckoning we are still waiting on Blood Oaths and Imperial Conquests for the January theme (neither of which should have any trouble meeting the theme. Couple of days to go!

  • Still have WW2 to go as well.

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