• I know that as a so far general rule, everything that Wargames Atlantic has done has been 28mm scale. I'm curious, has anyone tried making any of the STLs in a different scale than presented? I know they may not all work, but it'd make some interesting options for sure! 

  • Most 3D print files will work within a reasonable range of scaling. I suspect these ones would look too bulky and crude if scaled up too large, and wouldn't work if scaled too small, but that's to be expected.

    The Digital threads have some discussion about changing scale to tune parts, but I haven't seen much about overall resizing, 

  • I used to scratchbuild a lot of minis for skirmish gaming in 1:32 or 54mm scale, mostly using toy soldiers with GW parts (since WH40K is massively overscale). It would be interesting to see if the multi-part items could be up-scaled to suit the larger figure size. Shame I don't have a printer!

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