2023 February Digital Releases

  • I'll admit I was a bit sceptical about the February theme but there's some good stuff here:

  • Excited for the Bezerkers, handy robed cultists, and the mysterious WW2 mult-part set.

    And of course the French archeologist/Nazis....


  • I'm excited to either see an expansion for the Damned, or a rival.in the crazed religious cult space.

  • @Red Bee 

    Doesn't have to be a cult.  As man spreads to the stars the major Religions will go to.

  • Maybe something like these awesome Infinity Crusaders:

  • @JTam Oh god the dream team, finally figures that could work for "Hellgate London," this is what WGA should be making in print or hard plastic !!!!!

  • First teasers out.

    Getting pretty Apocalypto up in here.

  • More teasers 14 FEB 23:

  • Kind of wish we had more teasers this month. The month being half over and having only seen parts of two sets has me worried that things will be rushed in the last week (especially when on preview is a toe).

  • @Red Bee 

    Don't undersell it.... There's probably 10 toes there.

  • @Red Bee nothing's rushed.HQ have multiple kids in different places with sculpting. Some of which do not take image captures very well.

  • Sneak peek 15 FEB 23:


    Pretty baller.

  • @JTam Dear Lord in Heaven, make these in plastic!

  • Should be a very flexible kit.  Suitable for a wide range of games.


  • An neat idea from the FEB 23 issue of Wargames Illustrated that might work nicely with the upcoming WGA "French Archeologist/Nazis":

  • New sneak peak and update 20 FEB 23:

  • Theonfer I look at this, the more I like it. Is it an owl, grasshopper, cephalopod, or an alien? It could be painted as wood, leather, wood or chitin and it would look suitably creepy. It's just the right level of wrong to get my imagination going.

  • Alien nun.

  • Update 22 FEB 23:

    Any chance of an undead version? ;)


  • The designs of these Wow, the Valkyries off the scale, I love them.

  • Supposed to be some drops today.

    Meanwhile more sneak peaks:

    Like the pelt.

    And the fantasy cultists:


  • How can you skip this happy guy?

  • @JTam Drop got delayed until saturday. We found some file issues with a new QC check.

  • Love the lot of them@Red Bee  , theres the irony, what scale will they have to be printed out at,  The sacrifical offering is so perfect. Don`t just think of it as fantasy either, It would go greatly adding to any old school  "Shadowrun",  Aztec Ark figures. The Set of plastic figures can be used with the spares from Rubicons Marines and Vc`s to give some real extra fire power.With the ancient costumes the arms fit well and little miliput used to blend costumes works a treat. Sad to think it took 20 plus years to get such a great set for "Shadowrun", so make the most of it theres a lot of figures and some just need a head set wire mike to move centurys. Think of the Sumo guards out side of the "Tower" the only difference was the Head piece,  a bit of mdern equipment soon moves the time line.

  • @Lord Marcus 

    I saw that.

    I don't know why they attached a date to the drop yesterday anyway.  The end of the month is the 28th.  Drop it anytime before that and you are a hero.  Promise earlier and fail?  Well prepare for hurt feelings.  

  • @JTam I wonder if there are holes in the back of these that aren't plugged if you go with wings.

  • The Valkeries are up! I have to got to bed, so I didn't get a good look at them, and haven't printed anything yet, bit I am very happy with what I can see. There are new Chitubox support options, and 11 poses for the torsos! The wings get a ton of options , and the torsos look like they will be fine without the wings I case you just want to use them as power armor. The weapons look very unique for the line, and I'm loving the flame thrower and hand cannons in particular. Odd for War Game Atlantic to gave so few heads with th set, although the bird helms look spectacular, so  probably going to go with hat for my whole force. My only disappointment is the blub the got for lore. Which is a little sad, since I really wanted to see how they interact with the Eiherjar. Hopefully that'll get fleshed out later. Other than that this set is everything I could have wanted.

  • @Red Bee 

    Lots of bodies. 

    Lots of interesting weapons. 

    This is a nice kit.  

    I personally am not a fan of the hawk helm....  But the heads are separate which is a really nice touch.

  • They just dropped the ancient heart surgeon:

    And early chiropractors set:

  • Fantasy Cultists up.

    Nice big, flexibles set.

  • Yep, good stuff. The Aztec bodies would go well as the basis of Barsoomians, too.  

  • Priest up.

  • That Fantasy Cultists is FAR more impressive than I was expecting. I was expecting a diorama and we got a whole army box! There's a lot of flavor in the set.I love that the classic Fantasy line covers a lot of generic Fantasy beasties, but more recently we've got some more evocative sets that hint at a story behind the miniatures.

  • Update:

    Hmmmh..... 11 sets?  Maybe the multipart WW2 set is getting bumped?


  • @JTam they made it a point to mention that World Ablaze was going to get a lot of love, so I hope not. It COULD be Napoleonic missing out this month. At least the Catholic Priests are era appropriate for WW2. 

  • Pharaoh up.

  • Lovecraftian cult is up!

    This is a cool set. You got Deep Ones, occult investigator, tentacles monsters, and cultists all in one set. 

    I still think the fantasy cult is my winner this month, but these guys are a close second

  • Deep one Private Investigator. Combat Librarian. So many possibilities. It is a great set! 

  • 8 MAR:

  • Cool: