Stuff for my upcoming Eisenkern project!

  • Figured I'd post here, got some dreamforge kits to ensure I've got a proper command. Hoping to eventually put together an entire company with full command by the time it's all said and done. I feel the officer that comes with the command squad is more suited as a Captain of Major, definitely not a standard Lt.

  • @Colin Brinkley 

    Nice score.  

    Forgot how cool that Command Group box was.

  • @JTam Yeah, its a nice bit of kit! I got it from dreamforge themselves on ebay. Should make good command for a modest Company, though I may leave the snipers unbuilt in favor of the new Stormtroopers for the sake of continuity and use them for something on the veteran end since they're the old ones, like veteran sniper elites or squad leaders..yeah I like that idea already. xD

  • @Grumpy Gnome Its exclusively old surplus, from what I can see. None of the new stuff, must be trying to make room.

  • Well the old stock was manufactured by Wargames Factory, who are no longer in operation. I don't know what status Dreamforge has as a business entity these days, but as their name is NOT on the boxes produced by WGA I'd guess there may be reasons they can't sell them. If there was a bankruptcy of some kind involved they may be allowed to dispose of assets but not trade as such.

  • @Mark Dewis Actually, the Dreamforge logo IS on the Eisenkern boxes. The symbol right news to the word 'Iron-Core' on the front is the 'DFG' logo.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Its likely they still exist as a business with no assets, just a LLC.

  • @Colin Brinkley It is indeed. And the 2021 Panzerjaeger sprues do have Dreamforge Games still printed on them. So I dunno.

    It seems that everything still flows from Mr Mondragon. I get the impression that WGA really has little to do with the process up to the point where they have the sprue layout file from him and they're starting to tool it.

    Every collaboration is going to vary a bit in this respect - WGA appear to be doing the digital sculpts for Quar and the layout work for Spacenam from existing RO sculpts. The 02 Hundred Hours sprues have the look of a different sculptor to the usual WGA kits so I suspect those were provided to WGA (I could be totally wrong here), but that collaboration has now included GFN using WGA's Partisans, and WGA selling the frames as their own kits, so the arrangement is more collaborative than the others.  

  • That's a great haul. I've been looking at the command box myself, but what I really want in it is the Captain. Kinda wish I had someone to do halves on the box. If anyone is interested... 

  • @Battle Specter Depending on when/if you could find one, I might be interested in the other bits. I could certainly use them. xD Seeing as I just shelled out for these it really depends on the timing.

  • @Colin Brinkley Yeah, I have a few things in the fire right now. Can't spring on them.

  • @Grumpy Gnome could well be, Grumpy. I could not recall anything being said one way or the other, but the preview stuff felt like the WGA staff look. Doesn't affect my point - WGA offer services for every step of the process and every collaboration is likely to vary a bit from the others. 

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