Resin STUG!!

  • Well, here we go. Great job Mark

  • Looks great.  Sold quick too.... As it should.

  • Not gonna lie- it looks good enough for me to break my German themed scifi thing.


  • Its incredibly heartening to see Mark 'back in action' so to speak, and, well, talking again! He also noted he will continue printing on-demand as the listing goes up, so the Dreamforge page is the place to watch! I do hope we'll still get plenty of hard-plastic infantry from Wargames Atlantic, though! 

    P.S. Maybe this means Command Squads aren't totally inaccessible if I can't snag another plastic box, and some of the lovely vehicles I've only heard of in legends.

  • Lovely model, the Stug is one of the vehicles which has a sort of "retro sci-fi" look, it don't disfigure in an old republic scenario, just need a PDW remote turret on the top.

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    Something between this:

    And this:


  • @Battle Specter What is your German mini thing?  Just curious.



    i won't be buying for a few reasons, not least is the price and the medium.

  • I'll buy anything Eisenkernas time and availability allow.

  • @JTam Right, strangely for some reasons, too many thinks that an exposed Mg gunner is cooler than  a remote turret. Look, f.e., to some SW tanks, such as the Saber Tank, it could be safer to have an enclosed remoted operated Mg turret.

  • I'd love to get one. The only thing stopping me off is that its 3D printed only. will have to wait till it appears on etsy in the UK...

  • @Alessio De Carolis 


  • @Arron Robertson Mark will be shipping them himself, I don't believe there should be any problem with that.

  • @BS Kitbasher Basically it boils down to "Nazis aren't cool." I've got nothing against Imperial Germany, or even post WWII Germany, but it just seems that there are a lot of people who go all in on the WWII German aesthetic, and I can appreicate it. The Germans made some great looking tanks and planes. As one of my friends put it, "Best looking war criminals ever." My favorite looking fighter from WWII is the FW-190 D9 (My favorite for straight up F-you factor is the Hellcat). I've just decided to distance myself from the aesthetic, and focus more on forces I think deserve to be modeled.

    The Eisenkern line (and the Jagers) look modern enough that they can pass as none-space-Nazis. I understand the irony in what I'm putting down, and I realize it may seem silly and random. Just a choice I made. If anyone is interested, I have some 1/48 Tigers I converted into Leman Russ proxies for sale on Ebay. If you're interested, hit me up here with an offer. The listed price is just a listed price- I actually like the process of negotiating. Plus, direct sales means no fees, which means more coin for some Ooh-Rah figures, or mold making material for my Hardsuits.

  • @Battle Specter Well, politically the Eisenkern are Imperial  Germany if the Flags are anything to go by and lore wise they clearly aren't nazis regardless of looks.

  • @Brian Van De Walker true. Not arguing that. Like I said, Imperial Germany is ok. LAnd I think the Panzer Lehr have potential for modern Militia US style if some alternate weapon arms can be found. I'm just moving away from the WWII German aesthetic 

  • @JTam I was speaking of Star Wars, in either Legends and Clone Wars there are a lot of vehicles with exposed gunners.

  • @Alessio De Carolis When a mans life  is of no cost, get another clone, "Send in the Clones"

  • @Alessio De Carolis to be fair, they are mostly fully armoured. Or robots.

  • @Colin Brinkley is he states based? If so it'll be £100 for one (price plus import tax) and I ain't made of that kind of money!

  • @Arron Robertson Yes, Mark's based out of Cali.

  • My 5 STUGS has arrived today... great work from Mark. Best 3D-print I've ever get in hobby. Can't wait to build them together and for my holidays after easter days. I'hope Mark to a few modells more for the Eisenkern-Empire...

  • I really feel Mark has missed a great opportunity here. Not saying the Stug doesn't look sweet. I just think if you took the Stug model, extended the rear section, moved the power plant forward, and made a troop compartment, you'd have a sweet IFV that would kind of break the mold a little bit.

    @Frank Reischmann I think I stand with everyone when I say pictures of the models when done is a MUST. :)

  • @Battle Specter Can`t help thinking that the main miss of the boat was the failure to put the"Stug" to WGA for a plastic model to go with the Eisenkern sets. ?

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