• I figured this was a great spot to drop a couple pics of two of my favorite models in my collection given this piece of the forum is dedicated to the Iron Core range. The first few pics are of a model I call "Arc Reaper." He get's run as an Armiger Moirax. Can't recall off the top of my head what he has, but it's sufficiently electrical like to make it work. The 1/100 Leviathans work well as Armiger subs (as you can see in the comparison photo at the bottom), though they do look heavier set.

    The other is of my 1/56 Crusader. This damned thing is the head honcho of my Leviathan knight proxy force. He leads two full sized Leviathans (the other is a Mortis) and three of the 1/100 scale variants (two Crusaders and the one "Moirax" Mortis). I have one unbuilt Crusader that will eventually get turned into another Moirax variant, but with slightly difference weapons. The two Crusaders get run as either two Helverins, or two Warglaives. The fast swap arms- stuff of genius.

    Really hoping these make a comeback, preferably with "Made in the USA" on the sprues.

  • I believe they're called 'vulcan cannons', and the melee are mauler claws. Also, I didn't realize the Leviathans were Armiger-sized, I'd pictured them as Questor-scale.

  • @Colin Brinkley The 1/56 ones are taller than a Knight by a couple of inches. The 1/100 ones are about the same size as an Armiger. I'll post a pic of the two side by side, so you can see what I mean.

  • @Battle Specter Oh, gotcha! I look forward to the comparison. There are still a few plastic Leviathans out there that I might have some interest in, and worst comes to worst I think they'll be coming to resin. xD

  • @Battle Specter 

    Nicely done.  Thanks for sharing these.

  • @Colin Brinkley @Battle Specter 

    I believe the Eisenkern Leviathan makes a great stand in for the Forge World Ceratus Knight-Castogator.  Both in size and armament.  (From what I can tell the Leviathan will be just about the right height, just a bit stouter). 


  • @Colin Brinkley  Get one. You won't be disappointed. @JTam yes, they are about that tall, and yeah, stouter is a good adjective. They are also FAR cheaper. So, @Colin Brinkley - buy one if you can swing it. They are very cool kits.

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