Death Fields would be an amazing Nordic Weasel game!

  • I received Five Parsecs from Home for valentines this year and it thinking just how great a fit Nordic Weasel's games would be for a Death Fields Game. 

    For those who haven't played the basic just of the Five *Distance* From *blank* games are that they are solo or co-op campaign driven games where players roll up a team based on each team members background and motivations and set them through episodic battles, accepting quests, acquiring patrons and rivals, and developing characters in between battles. Characters are defined by a six or seven stats and rhe gear they bring to the battle. You set a goal before the campaign starts, such as running a certain number of battles, playing until a certain character dies, completing a set number if quests, or complete one main quest etc.

    This could be a great core for a Death Fields Game.  The goal of the game would be seasons, character stats and enemy AI would be based on their team, maybe add in some aspects from Weasel Tech (Nordic Weasel's Mecha war game that uses a similar system) or their Five Men war games for more of a feel of war, add in some sports specific things, like keeping a score in battle, character trades, or a fame and infamy system and you could have a really solid Death Fields experience. 

    I've been using If Worlds Collide as my DF game of choice, but the more I think about Five Parsecs and Weasel Tech the more I want to play a Nordic Weasel Deathfields game.

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