• I purchsed the 5 box deal. Pictured below is 3 boxes. There is also a 3D printed Ogre captain and 2 GW ogor cat-beast riders. 

    So Far:

    * Ogre Captain with bodyguard

    * 2 Catbeast riders

    * 1 Unit (3 man) hand gunners

    * 1 unit (3 man) pistoliers

    * 2 units (9 man) halberdiers

    May add my halflings to this army. Still contemplating. 

    I have 2 more Ogre boxes. Will probably do 3 more 3 man hand gunners and then save the last box to see if March digital has any female bits. Also have 2 more Cat-beasts... 


  • Quite the force.

    Any chance you could take some size comparison pic with any other WGA, Games Workshop, or Perry miniatures you have handy?  

    Thank You!

  • @JTam I posted these last week. I can take some more pics tomorrow. I have GW Dark elves, Nemarti, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Firstborn Marines, Chaos (warhammer and 40K) and Slaanesh AoS. Did you have any in mind you wanted to see next to a WA Ogre?

  • @JTam I also have Escher, If you were thinking of using these in Necromunda.


  • A Halfling/ Ogre alliance sounds unstoppable. You got the slingers at range and the brutes upfront. Love it!

  • @Red Bee and in an emergency, the Ogres can fling the... 'flings.

  • @William Redford 

    Great pics.

    Mostly interested in the WGA Ogres scaled against WGA and GW human Infantry.

  • I guess you could just run the Halflings as whatever those little Gobbo things are that hang out with GW's Ogres.

  • Ok, Here is an Ogre with a dark elf executioner, a GW greatsword, a WA halfling, a WA conquistador, an Othmark soldier with WA conquistador head and gun, and a malifaux lady used as a dark elf samurai in a pathfinder game. 


  • @William Redford 

    Thank You.

    The WGA Ogre was looking a little weedy compared to some of the other brand's Ogres.

    But they look suitably intimidating compared to human Infantry.

  • @William Redford "Oh What a Lovely War" Wow what a magnifficant army. Thats going to be an amazing force on the table I love them Bill.

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