What do you call a group of Harvesters?


    A pack? Pod? A skirtering? A hive?

    Anyways, I had to show off my first spru.. these guys look fantastic IRL. Big props to the modeler. 

    Line up

    Poor unfortunate Rebel made the wrong turn

    Security found some un-authorized breeding


    Battle of the arthropods


    Harvesters don't need horses


    And lastly some bonus Revel Yell, since I don't think I posted these anywhere ;

    Yeah, confederates won't fly well amongst my gaming group, so I'll have to retheme these guys, but I like the look.


  • A group of locusts is called a "Plague". I think that would be fitting for the Harvesters


  • Given the scythe arms, maybe a Reaping of Harvesters?

  • 'Nest' seems appropriate, though if I was joking I'd say 'a Problem'.

  • A "sorrow" of harvesters - obviously.

  • Clearly, they are a Combine.

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