Alien Arena Security

  • My Security Team; a combo of Death Fields Arena Seurity and Alien Heads.

    I thought it made more sense to have aliens act as Security. You wouldn't want to risk the tallent, would you?


  • @Red Bee Nice,

    I see the wire support for the running figure.

    Your 'Bot has neck for it's head. Did you print these yourself?

  • @Dennis Horne I did print them.

    The running fellow looked like he was doing stretches when I tried to glue him down at first, so I decided to get some wire and mount him mid stride in a run. He ended up looking like he was in a Scooby-Doo cartoon to me. I kind of dig it.

  • Looks like the .stl files for the 'Bots got upgraded and rescaled after I got my physical models. 

    I found that the physical Arena Security models were also a little large, seemingly based on the Grongards figures sharing their head mounting system rather than the one for the Cannon Fodder figures.


  • @Red Bee brilliant 😍

  • @Dennis Horne I think sadly it`s a creaping scale thing, and I hope not.

  • @Red Bee Great Job Mate  lovely make and paint.

  • Sweet stuff. Alien heads does solve perceived proportion issues with the chonk torsos and awkward arm angles.

    "That looks out of proportion..."

    "Don't be racist" ;)

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