Modernized Vostroyans

  • So, as it seems I start yet another project. But this time I'm not the one to blame. It's my wife! 

    Yes you heard right. I talked bout the new GW Cadians aince their announcement and yesterday my wife forced me to order a box of them.

    So I had to came up with a plan for a Regiment of the guard. The Vostroyan Firstborn always had a place in my heart but I never got the old metal models. Since I have a ton of Grognard heads laying around I sketched a bit.....

    The Cadians should arrive in the coming week and I will keep you guys updated 

  • Looking forward to seeing the conversions.  The Vostroyns have always been one of the coolest of the Imperial Guard Regiments.  

    Sidenote: This is the first time I noted the new Cadians have rifles with North Korean style over folders.  Are all the new lasguns like that?

  • @JTam I don't know how many rifles in that style are included. I'll Post a picture of all sprues here when I get my hands on them 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Sorry for the tangent - but North Korea has some really interesting AK variants. 

    Note the overfolders:


  • @JTam a the North koreans with their Strange AK's. Looks like the Type88 their Version of the AK74 with the 75 rounder helixmag

  • Quite a wonderful project -as usual-..

    Maybe the Solar Auxilia should have been a better choice to be mixed with Les Grognards .. but the new Cadian models -less heroic than the previous 2008 IG sprue- are more pricewise. 

  • @JTam the sprues arrived

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Mostly fixed stock rifles then.

    I like the new Cadians proportions and look... Minus the knee pads.  But that's pretty minor/just me.

  • I just glued the first Mini together. I really Dog the Look. The Grognard heads fit the new cadians really well

    Lets do the rest 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    That actually looks really good!

    The gators and the two button cuffs look suitably archaic and tie in with the head well.  

  • @JTam @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Mmm the weapons are not enough... mmm ... retrosteampunk when compared with Vostroyans models and Blanche's drawings... Maybe you should look for some Skiitari Vanguards weapons. 

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Skiitari weapons would certainly have a more master crafted heirloom weapons look that is fitting for the Vostroyns.  But that would add even more cost to the project.  You could probably find metal Vostroyns for cheaper at that point.........

  • @JTam @Steven StGeorges Skiitari weapons woul'd be cool in deed. But as mentioned by JTam, cost per model would climb in serious heights. I'll stick with the Cadian rifles and try to do the trick with the painting

  • The Squad is assembled and primed. Ready to slap some paint on




  • I sneaked some hobby time into the schedule and basecoated these three guys. The grime-time starts when the whole squad has their base colors.


  • Time to varnish the squad and let the oils do their wonder

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Looks pretty damned awesome.  

    Do you plan to add any support weapons or armor?

  • @JTam maybe in the future. At the moment I Plan to use them for skirmish sized Games but I have enough spare grognards heads for more squads so I only need more Cadians. If I expand this project I would add a Tank or two made out of some WW2 Tank kits 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    I've always wanted to do a Vostroyans army.

    I gave some thought to what heavy weapons and armor I would add.

    Probably something KV-2 based.  

    It looks like it fell out of 40K as is.

    There's a Tamiya and Hobby Boss 1/48 kits:

    There's 1/43 diecast model:

    There's the sort of 1/50ish Meng kit:

    And of you need it to be more gothic, Max Mini has this:

    I think I would go with the Max Mini version as the Vostroyans are an archaic/heavily ornamented kind of regiment.  (I would use a 1/48th KV-2 for Valhallans).

    Max Mini also makes a Heavy Bolter that looks the part for Vostroyans:

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer @JTam I have really enjoyed sitting on the side here watching this amazing project take fruit, as J-Tam knows I have not played Warhammer for over 50 years. However if I did now I would chouse the regiment that you two enjoy. It as a certain class and style of it`s own, and you Andreas with your magnificent conversions have brought the miniatures  to life making GW cool. Cheers both. 

  • @Geoff Maybury thanks mate. If you believe it or not I haven't played a single game of 40k since 2002. I Love the Lore and the asthaetics but the game was always kind of meh. All the Warhammer minis and conversions l've painted over the years get used in many different systems. I just take a game and put the 40k Filter over it

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer Man after my own heart , that truly is the way to enjoy Wargaming, take some item to your soul make it yours and then enjoy it. You have the best , you can enjoy the richness of the books and source material without all of the cluter. World would be a better place if more were so adaptable. Carry on mate and show us more. Love Geoff.

  • I Had a very productive weekend

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Those turned out awesome.  Very cool force.

  • @JTam thanks mate. 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer My god straight out of the "Ice Box","Way COOL". Would these magnificent figures have a horse cavalry squad? That would be the icing on the cake. Great work. Geoff

  • Found this new STL today:

    My first thought was that it would be amazing for a Vostroyan Army.... Particularly if one converted the pilots to female.

  • @JTam the Biplane is awesome. Love the vibe. The Idea with the female pilots is great 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer

    Wow!!! These are just the examples I was looking for. Thanks so much for your research for the community. Any chance you could try some of these and other Grognards heads on both the Krieg Vets and Kasrkins? Thanks again.



  • @Nigel Jones thanks. Maybe I'll make some Vostroyan Kasrkins in the future 

  • I was looking back on these and had a question. What is that device on the left sides of all the shakos? The rectangular bit. I've never seen that on a historical piece. 

  • @Nigel Jones 

    I assume it's just to sci-fi it up a bit.  (I've never seen a shako/or bearskin worn with a gas mask either).  Maybe a small radio/comms vane?  A miniaturized IFF panel?


  • @JTam My guess was comms device. On first seeing them I thought it might be a chunkily modeled piece of hanging fabric, just a little ornament, but looking at their official painted references they paint them silver. Was just wondering if anyone had the sauce on a verified answer, but I think you're right - just some sci-fi greeblies!

  • @JTam & @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Repeat after me: "Second or even Third Hand Markets are hobbyist's (and his wife) best friends!"

    Andreas as usual you did quite an awesome job -thanks to Confiture Bonne Maman ;)

    Not sure if W40k Imperium magazine is available in Germany, but since one can find out some Skiitari Rangers and/or Vanguard (issues 21 and 22) for 50% of RP -issue price is €9.99 while retail is €20...

  • @Steven StGeorges thanks mate. Sadly the issues 21 and 22 aren't available anymore 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Argh..... a pity. I checked the german Hachette dedicated page and you are quite right, they are not available any longer. 😥


  • Possibly of interest:

    Clever way to handle the sponsons.  Also, I'm a sucker for fixed antennas.

  • @JTam thanks bud, these looks incredibly good. I really dig the multi turret variant

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