Further work on  “Bulldogs in the Desert” WIP

  • A Mini Diorama in 28mm Heroic Scale.Further work on 
    “Bulldogs in the Desert” WIP
    A Mini Diorama in 28mm Heroic Scale. Figures by Wargames Atlantic. Just the Palm trees to complete!

  • What a Beauty! Hope we see you on the community painting contest soon, these are looking absolutely gorgeous!

    The blue of the trousers is, in particular, a thing of beauty. A very vibrant colour.

  • @antonio_tarruell ..Many thanks for the kind words. I just love the sculpts. I did a little kit bash with arms and some accessories from WA Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support range too. Looking fwd when WA do some vehicles for this range too:)


  • Looking at, time permitting a mini painting guide!!

  • @Barry Evans Exellent work you`ve gone to town on this, and it shows. Must admit I really think a WGA tank, or even a WW1 or 2 style Armoured car. Lets say a 6 wheeler even just something "snazi", bit  different, like the Bulldogs themselves. Oh well we can dream? Cheers Geoff.

  • @Barry Evans 

    Just outstanding work.

  • Bloody lovely old chap 😍

  • @Geoff Maybury  Many thanks for the feedback, Eyes took a battering on this one LOL.
    Would love to paint up a WA Tank/vehicle...cross fingers, and have one as part of a future display:)

  • @JTam ...Many thanks, hope it gives some inspiration to folks!!

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