Gloom Trench !926

  • Get ahead of the game. by ordering for £1-45. the Kindle copy of a Gloom Trench 1926 Novel. "Rifts" not out to 7th April so get in first. Along with exellent miniatures avaiable in this country by "Beowulf Miniatures Printing"  Go great with WGA Great War figures.

  • Dropped the soldier right on top of the book, (idiot) then couldn`t remove it. Not my day with computers.

  • !5 mm and 25mm Russian Komezar. The Book tells the story of the events that set in 1917, a series of chaotic episodes, causing a Rift in the space above the Scotish Ilses, releacing the deadly scourge. These early times are the foundation of Gloom Trench 1926.

  • They have some free STLs on MyMiniFactory:





  • My favorite troop type:

    Seems just the ticket for fighting trans-dimensional/ancient horrors in the trenches.

  • This "Gloom Trench 1926" and "A War Transformed," two Weird World War 1 games emerging about the same time out of nowhere feels vaguely reminiscent of this:

    I have to say I prefer the setting and feel of Gloom Trench 1926.  I found the cover of A War Transformed with its Soldiers huddled around an altar to dark/ancient god(s) off-putting.


  • Warlord just released these for K47:

    But they look like they would be a great fit for Weird WW1.

  • @JTam Oh god if Eileen sees these, or rather when she see`s these , they`ll be comming home any way. They have the maxium cute factor, from any animal type to a child, if cute we can use it. Usually bait for a trap to be sprung. Or the companion to aid or resque what ever is requeired from them.

    Bit worried about their training handler looks kike he ready to be attacked by them any minute with thouse staring eyes he`s had to much "Tea", or been out in the mid day sun. Fantastic find and with a plastic WW1 Rifle over his shoulder "Bingo". Cheers Tam.

  • @JTam "OOOOOOOOH NNNNNNNNNNO" Spoilt it!!!!!!!!!!. Don`t thik either could go down as those, did,  still there were some sniger moments, if you suspended beliff. Love Geoff

  • Well, I just started on my "WWWI" French using the Grognards... been putting off buying a box of these but the project now demands them 😆

    I've actually made a start on British, German and Russian troops, a mix of WGA and re-purposed figures from "that other large figure company that's a bit grim and dark"... I've also thrown in some walkers that I had lurking from the K47 range and started writing my storyline which I'm happy to share if anyone is interested... bizarrely set in 1927  🤣

    The figures are erring more towards the "Mutant Chronicles" style, the Germans especially are more than a little "Bauhausian", but I'm happy so far and I'm even managing to crowbar in some magical types and druids for the Brits to cover all the bases 🤗

    To be continued...

  • Kind of where I'm heading 🧐

  • Very poor pic (sorry!) but the Brits are ready for some detail work too 🙄

  • @Bill Thomas Well you`ve bean nice and busy, they look great bill, dead jellious Eileens been a bit rough so I`ve stepped up more to off load the weight. With our 3 plus, the lazy but cute lodger. modelling as taken a back boiler. By the Way Gloom Trench as a large ammount of "fluff" just not in the usual place, itts on Wiki go on Gloom Trench 1926 on face book and press on this picture. Belive me it`s worthit very proffesional. All the best keep up that modelling, love Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury yup I found all that, but thank you 😍 Hope all's well with you and yours my friend... life and all that! The modelling and painting keeps me sane-ish, and with this story a few things seem to be falling into place... models that I've had for a while (bought just beacuse I liked them!) have now found their home at last 🤣

  • @Bill Thomas Yes lifes great tidy up, comes, the saying, "Best made plans of mice and men". All the plans for retirement  and the dreams. Then a curve ball come your way, and as you get older, you fail to hit, or dodge. Still if your shame pile, becomes managable, eventually some thing as to fall into place. 

    Time, or rather the lack of at a specific "Time", is my main gripe I feel guilty if I`m modelling or on here and something needs doing, got tolearn to let go never been house "Proud" it`s a home, but did like to vacume and dust twice a day because the dogs. Now it`s every two days, between washing etc.

     Need tthis though to keep sane. Love Geoff.

  • Found this today:

    Good News: Evidently there will be physical prints available.

    Bad News: Evidently it will be from Only Games.

  • @JTam oh, here we go again 🤣🤣🤣

    Bloody lovely model though 😍

  • @JTam @Bill Thomas OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Crap! What a lovely piece of work though just not sure if I`d want the building base following it across the board.

    Still a building and an aircraft two for one , but probably not the price.

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