Rift The Gloom Trench Book?

  • Mixed feelings about this, it is a dam good read. Sadly it`s also very short  it doesn`t also give much away about Gloom Trench. Eg I read book 0 in my Dino Novels before going the flow with the rest. Although a short story Itintoduced the world , how it happpened and the effects. Rifts does the same to some degree, it does not how ever, go in my opinion, into as much deapth, in the creation of the project  that creates the Rift. The species that come from the Rift are hardly described, and I was a little confused as to what enemy the squad actually faced. The book is a very small chapter that as a feel, of a room to room horror story each getting worse as you progress it is well written and dramatic,  when you finnish , theres a, Oh thats it?

    Would I but it at £1-45 Kinndle .Hell Yes, we need these type of stories for Weird War One, and the Author delivers, I just sincerally hope that this is not the "Whole Story". It cries out for much, much more, perhaps this is intended and there is to be a full book  if so great.

    I just wouldn`t want this to be another "Osprey"  no real fluff given, ( game isn`t "Osprey Related" but you get my drift) .

      Eight out of Ten anyway, would have had is Ten, if more info on the world.


  • My mistake there is more "Fluff for this game than I have seen for some others just on WIKI, go on the GloomTrench 1926 Facebookpage and klick on this picture and enjoy the world.

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