The Gloom Trench !926 "Fluff" ?

  • Gloom Trench 1926th is a new war game by Ficckle dice set in 1926. There is a very brief desciption of "Fluff" on the web site and a book. When one gets down to it, unless with my lack of time I`ve missed it, there seems no real explanation from "the starting rift",  to the events of 1926 when the game is set.

    One -It starts on a Scotish island with a rift. Creatures come through.

    Two -An "A' Bomb is used {to seal the rift?) .

    Three- The Island dissapears then returns minutes later.

    Four - Its1926. I can find nothing to say how it develops from the Island to involve the world.? (Or have I missed  some pages).

    Five - The figures are great, scale pefectly for WGA, so the basic troops of all nations can be WGA, it will blend in nicely with A War Tranformed, so multi value for the figures. Its got a lot going for it rules etc are free downloads. It does a really sad and well sculpted group of male and female prisoners. That will add rescue scenerios to your games, There are Russian troops with heavy wheeled machine guns dressed for cold weather.

    Six - In the book the "Rift" was cold, ice formed in the room. Quite a few figures painted by the artist have snow on their bases and a tiny bit of the description on the site mentions "Winter is coming". 

    Seven - Whether this means that the world of 1926 is now covered in snow, I can`t say, so it makes finishing of bases, a bit of a pain as snow can limit play ability in transferring from game to game

    My main thoughts of Gloom Trench 1926. is that figure and Rules are good the "Fluff" is splintered. Anyone finding more, "Drop us a link please". Cheers Geoff

  • There's an interesting post from the game designer (I believe it is he) in the "Wargaming Weird World War One" group on facebook @Geoff Maybury , worth a look as he goes into a bit more detail 😍


  • @Bill Thomas That right Bill but also I was astonded there is alarge site full of info just not were we  normallly look. It`s on Wicki to find it go on the Facebook site and click on this picture, you may be required to be a site member (I am). Any way your are then transported to the World of Gloom Trench were there are many supprises in advesaries and the weather Spoiler alert, Great Britain in many ways are the cause of the "Rifts" with there RAM tech. and really the villian of the world as they refuse to stop useing the damming weapons. 

    We are at "War with nearly every one, including the USA (sorrry Tam). The world, as more "Rifts" open, gets more colder, fogier, and in to a bleak winter. As the "Scourge" world , uses the Ram Tech wounds to bleed into ours. Which is why most the figures modeled, are in winter gear with snow depicted on there bases.

    Go visit the picture see the world of "Gloom Trench 1926 it`s worth the effort . Love Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury So the British are the baddies, sounds cool.  Funnly enough my father who researched all things nuclear to death before getting frozen once suggested that under the right circumstances nuclear as a power source could have shown up in WWI but it would probably have been alot less horror and far more high tech alt history (no rifts or city destroying weapons, just the hum of nuclear powered German subs). 

  • @Brian Van De Walker Ah but sadly reality would have not been as exsiting  for the writers , you may like this though, the "Pirate Uboats," teleport raiders on to there prey, to steel items of need when attacking loot is as important as sinking the boat. Eventually there will be a lot of play posibillities for this game. Cheers Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury

    I think it would depend on the writer, after all you could still play around with history by adding in the less than likely things such as mechs that use nuclear steam batteries as a powersource or increase the presence  of things that were technically there but not really as common,  still in the planning stages, only at the late stagesof the war, or had been relgated to certain roles like body armor, tanks, SMGs, and weapons like the Fedorov Avtomat.

    That said it does sound like Gloomtrench will be a cool game over all.

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