Hands and Arm accessories for Death Fields

  • Hands and Arm accessories for Death Fields 
    I would like to put this forward as a suggestion for either a plastic box set or a digital accessories set or just a plastic sprue!! 

    1. A choice of open left-side arms and hands
    2. A choice of open right-side arms and hands

    Possibly a selection of items that the open hands could hold, ie Binoculars, Maps Guns/ rifles etc etc

    It would make the kits really flexible and give lots of options and opportunities to engage further with WA products.

    What do folks think??

  • @Barry Evans Great idea, but could some hands hold the item, whilst others being hand signals, and if so in size be male and female, as Black Cat bases do in metal?. 

  • It could be a good fit for the General Accoutrements line. Lots of historical and modern pieces of kit to embellish the existing ranges.

    One thing mentioned in posts a while back was the idea of a sprue of shoulder pads / pauldrons which could be added to basic arms. These could be themed to bring the arms into line with other WGA Death Fields factions.

  • @Paul Mitting Some fantasy parts like wands or staves would be good too. Though I feel this has been suggested before.


  • @Brian Van De Walker True, but these are well catered for in the Frostgrave Wizards sets. I would like to see more fantasy bits and bobs to kitbash the existing WGA ranges so anything would be fine with me!

    Actual Adventuring Party sets would be brilliant but problematic I suppose if you wanted to allow for al the possible variations (fighters, clerics, mages, rangers etc) and then all the non-human characters as well.

  • @Paul Mitting

    Well, your right on that and then some if we are just talking Death Fields heroic scale stuff, honestly  I think most people in the hobby have spare "heroic proportion everything mentioned in this thread" except maybe (big maybe) left arms, legs and torsos.

    However, Frostgrave and Fireforge’s Forgotten World tends to be a bit on the chunky side for more historical scale/proportion fantasy builds and I think it would be cool to have parts to turn things like WA’s Partisans or Persians into things such as fantasy mages and maybe even SciFi types without “isn’t that a little bulky?” issues (I know its a bit ocd of me but eh). Likewise if we are talking arms, etc. for general accoutrements as opposed to just more Death Fields part I think we should be focusing on historical scale proportions more for that line since that is what WA is using for everything other than Death Fields and some of their licensed outsource lines (Reptilian Overlords).  


  • @Barry Evans other manufacturers supply stuff which can be used

    I have used these true 28mm weapons for my cannon fodder militia CP models 28mm Weapons

    This Heresy Officer upgrade kit was originally intended to work their own troopers and to upgrade GW space wombles- these are OK with Grognards.

    You can also use bits from other WA sprues. Occaisionally single sprues turn up on eBay/etsy, I've used both WA SpaceDwarf and WA Grongnard sprues for weapons options.


  • @Dennis Horne You can pretty much add in all the other 3rd party part makers at that rate practacly. It would be a pretty long list.

  • I just mentioned a couple of examples which I have actually used as an illustration. Also there is plenty of potential for use of plastic spares from the likes perry, victrix and even warlord games.

  • @Dennis Horne Hello my friend , missed you, all  is well hope you`re the same. No result on the Robots as yet tired, so tired. Love the Damned. 

  • @Geoff Maybury Replied on the Robots FUBAR thread....

  • I want more power fists. I want an entire sprue of Power fists to attach to my notsquats.

  • @Tor Dunderkuk Look at Blue Stuff Thermoplastic moulding material.

    Take a GW spacewomble powerfist, kit bash it to your delight (e.g add an integrated small laser pistol, file off the extrenuous detail ... ).

    Churn out as many of your new creation as you need with either Green Stuff or Miliput 

    Works OK with big clunky simple parts such as power fists.

    It could even lead you down the road and dying art of hand sculpting your own components. In my younger days, all of the figures were sculpted by hand.  The Perry ACW hard plastic was a real gamechanger.

  • @Dennis Horne Never heard of blue stuff. looks pretty sweet, thanks for telling me!

  • @Tor Dunderkuk Part ot the idea of these fora is to share tips & tricks :).

    Blue Stuff (other thermoplasic resins are out there) is an oldtimer's repair and rescue saviour when one of your favoured figures takes fatal tabletop damage in action. Restoration may be an option.

    It ain't economic to repro, say, a box of Grognards (nor even legal), but taking a component, upgrading it to your tastes, then spawning that is (as long as it is for non-comm use). Kitbashing/Scratching building components is another application

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