My Mini Factory Subscription Cancellation

  • Hi all,

    I will be cancelling my subscription (for financial reasons). I have already paid for Aprils month, but nothing has come in yet, my two questions are. 

    1. Will I still recieve Aprils Designs?

    2. Will I still have access to previous months Designs?


  • The answer to 2 is yes. I've dropped in and out of dozens of patreons and Tribes and never lost access to files.

  • Well ive cancelled, hopefully i will still recieve Aprils Sets, otherwise ill be asking for a refund! Have they announced what Aprils sets are?


  • @Maximus Bravo 

    Aprils Theme:


    I hope your financial situation resolved/improves.  Meanwhile I admire your financial discipline.

  • @Maximus Bravo They have released the first 7 sets so you should have them in your MMF library.

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