Two New Posts - Three Previews

  • This was such a big update I thought it needed its own post:


  • The female Hoplites are amazing.

    Just really well done.

  • This is an awesome kit idea that really compliments WGA's existing sets.....

    But the sculpting is a miss for me.

    Why are their tunic pockets even with the hem?

    They are wearing wool pants, not silk harem pants.  Way too many folds.

    Even accounting for the armor the arm joints are weird.

  • The multi-part American Paras in M42 uniforms are amazing.  Big hole in the market.  Super interesting and super useful.

    Uniform and kit looks pretty good.

    Only the webbing buckle looks particularly funky.

    What the pistol belt buckle should look like:

    What the Garand belt should look like:

    It would be really something and push the kit to the next level if the buckle was fixed.


    I see the other problem.

    The suspenders aren't inverted "Y"s.  The main strap should go more or less straight down (red line).  The other straps are accessory straps.  They either dangle down connected to nothing or are routed back (blue line) to stabilize the haversack or mussett bag.

    (This is exactly the same as WW2 German suspenders.... It was a very popular concept at the time). 

    This isn't too bad.  Some guys did hook the main  suspenders fairly close to the buckle.  

    It's only the buckle area that's really wonky.

  • The Polish Cavalry:

    F*ck, Awesome.

    I hope we see this in plastic too.

  • These set is awesome too.  Neat to see troops from the dawn of time.  Look really useful for Rice Edgar Burroughs, or 10,000 BC, or similar gaming.  


  • @JTam Dear lords of WGA, please make these in plastic!

  • @JTam the ancient looks like an amazing set. 

  • @Paul Mitting 

    Which ones?

  • @JTam the last ones. Good mix of body positions ans weapons. Also, the generic bodies could be very, very useful for a lot of different historical and fantasy settings.

    The female hoplites set, well, it looks good, but not as useful. 

  • The Trench Raiders look like a great base for a deathfields team. Maybe add in the DF upgrade sprue, and maybe theme them as a team that specializes in seiges and tight spaces that has its homebase in the lava tubes of a seismicly active hell world. This might just have to be my next project.

  • @JTam@Red Bee  I agree, the armored German Trench Raiders would be awesome set to have in plastic just for the fantasy kitbashing alone. I don't think they need to add Death Fields upgrade sprue particularly since my first thoughts was VSF and disel/steampunk fantasy gaming, particularly if they add in face mask, sheild, and helmet upgrade bits (maybe with more of the early SMGs or trench club/weapon holds) if they decide to make them in plastic:



  • @JTam I meant the Amazons and Hoplites. Those would make for some excellent fantasy gaming minis and I could see them used as Sci-fi minis too (like in a Flash Gordon pulp style)

    The German troopers in the body armour would be great for Weird War games too, as well as Death Fields with some kitbashing from other sets.

  • Either the Amazons' hoplites AND the Stormtroopers would be awesome in plastic!

    Expecially if to the former you add an archers/light infantry set (with some legs for converting in cavalry), and the germans would be perfect for Steampunk/Weird War's scenarios

  • Those armored trench raiders would be useful for all the crazy weird war game settings getting made, and I could see someone using those with the segmented arms from the roman legionnaire upgrades to make some steampunk style fantasy knight types.

    The Polish cavalry is great.

      But going to be honest, of the 2 "female in Greek armor" sets they have I think the Classic Fantasy Amazons are the better choice for plastic and has my vote over the other for a couple of reasons like being more useable for generic D&Dish cultures/armies and actually the right Genre for that subject since female hoplites don't really exist in history beyond some truly eccentric princesses in Macedonia. That said at least the bodies for this genderswap set look like females this time and I could see some of those parts like the heads and weapons going into the fantasy kit.  

  • These really are some beautiful sets for at least a scifi/fantasy game market - especially those Hoplites and Ancients, but posing aside the Trench Raider figures as well would work equally well for sci-fi and fantasy, as the only thing that screams "20th century" are the helmets and weapons:  head and arm swaps are easy for anyone who has been around these kits long enough to amass bitz boxes, and they could kitbash nicely against leftover bits from, say, a box of Conquistadors or later Romans.  I could see the Trench Raider torsos appearing anywhere from historical battlefields from perhaps the Renaissance or even Dark Ages up to WWI, and from post-Apocalyptic scifi to, as @Paul Mitting suggested, pulp-scifi ala Flash Gordon, and they easily drop into the D&D fantasy kitchen sink without looking out of place for bandits or town guards or an evil warlord's elite warriors... it's a great canvas for scifi and fantasy ideas, whatever else it works for!

    Absolutely agree that the Hoplites make better Amazons than the Amazons do - well done on those, the poses, costumes, the works are just gorgeous work, WGA's sculptors etc. outdid themselves on this one.

    And then there's those ancients - fantasy cavemen?  Sea people?  Mongols?  Barbarians of all sorts from fantasy to a Roman setting?  Post-apocalyptic bombed-back-to-the-stone-age types?  Even if we just limit ourselves to historical subjects, I could see these guys in a varity of ancient and classical settings from across Europe and Asia, at the very least.

    Also recently released for digital have been some great gladiators and Landsknecht - both also fine for fantasy subjects and workable for pulp sci-fi and Deathfields as well with a little creativity and a few sci-fi bitz - some nice Mississippean natives that seem pretty flexible for other uses, a Russian Women set and a Polish Women set that both look great for early 20th Century subjects and for Death Fields and pulp sci-fi, a Roman Legion swords-and-spears upgrade bitz set which might go nicely with either those ancients or the Trench Raiders for quick-and-dirty fantasy warriors, some specifically Amazon warriors that are maybe not quite as good as the Hoplites but are still pretty good, some Shield Maidens, some female African warriors, some Japanese Renaissance warriors, some German Treasure Hunters and Thuggee Assassins a-la Indiana Jones, some Viking Berserkers, some Cthulhu Cultists, Aztec Cultists, and "regular" Fantasy Cultists along with some great historical Priests of various sorts, some Maoris and some Jewish Revolt ancients, some Ogres and Ogre skeletons, and a great Dark Ages bridge battle set:

    All of this stuff is great for fantasy, sci-fi, and in some cases both - WGA has been VERY busy lately, even if it might not seem that way based on the frequency of plastic releases.  I really REALLY can't wait to see what's in store for the plastics, and I definitely hope to see lots of the digital stuff realized in plastic!




  • @Yronimos Whateley  Actually I have seen Stahlhelm like helmets almost exactally like them in both fantasy and SciFi works like manga, etc. so much its kinda tropy (particularly SciFi). All they really need for fantasy maybe would be full face armored masks options and for SciFi they are pretty much good as is.

    As to the weapons, unless we are talking bleeding edge cyberpunk settings for SciFi they work out for most things since the GW's grenades and belt weapons are likely based off them and most Starwars guns are actually altered Mausers.  LOTR style fantasy not so much, but fantasy games like Sludge do exist and both Warhammer and D&D have a lot anachronism so its okay.

    I don't fully agree that the Trench raiders would work for earler real history settings though they do almost fit the "plan plate armor Cuiress, regular pants, and boot" look good with pretty much any arm or head combo (which was the reason I tried entering WW1 germans in body armor as my submission for the "make a new set contest").

    So while they will indeed likely  look great with arm and head parts from any era you can imagine, there is probably no way in the neitherworld they will ever fit in with true historical settings before the early 20th century.

    The Trench raiders would however work great for Weird War settings from the 18th century onwards, particularly ones set in the Nappy wars like SB to those in WW2 like 47', (not to mention all the WWW1 settings coming out).

    Also,  I actually disagree with you lot pretty strongly on the Hoplites. Honestly neither of the sets really work for Historical Amazons who were Scythians, so setting real history aside which has no place for either set I think the Fantasy Amazon work better as Amazons in general for the only thing either of those STL sets could work for which is fantasy even if we are talking "fudge history lists" Fantasy like saga sheild maiden list.

    As to the Female  Hoplites I think they where  a mistake in many ways  not the least of which being they could have done a real world warrior woman option for first Empires instead. People really need to stop looking at  the gosh darn over hyped Hellenist world and Europe as the "go to defult culture" for Ancient wargame setting options since frankly they are limited as heck and boring to boot. Why do the backwards over done Bronze Age Europeans in general when one could do any of Iron Ages civilizations going on at the same time🤣(sigh okay pet peev done😉). 

    However the one thing that is not a mistake in my book about the female hoplites STL is that they actually look like biological females which is more than I can say for the marching pose nappy women STL.

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