The road to Mordheim

  • In the last weeks I got sucked in the whole Mordheim world again. After watching way too much battlereports and building videos, I decided to get back into this great game. I plan to build the first warband out of the great Conquistadores kit and some Northstar and GW parts.

    But I can't just sit and wait for the models to arrive and so I started tinkering....

  • After spending the most part of today in the workshop, this is the result


  • I love me some Mordheim.

    That scratch built runs looks great!  Where did you get the bricks?

    I picked up a box of the WGA Conquistadors to do an Estalian warband for Mordheim set in Lustria.  I will use the Tilean warband rules.  

  • @JTam 

    Aren't those bricks just dense styrofoam/foam insulation?


    And yes, it's looking really nice so far!

  • @JTam thanks mate. The bricks are cut from 5mm styrofoam insulation which you put under your flooring

  • I'm just getting back into Mordheim. Going to run Halflings (WGA) in my first game.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Once again, a masterpiece in the making my dear Andreas.. Cannot wait for the finished building.. I bet it is going to be as superb as stuff one can find on Youtube channels. 

    Keep up the good work... 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Thank You.  The brick work looks great.  Do you use a hot wire cutter or just a razor blade/X-acto knife?

  • @Dark Don 

    Post pics if you get a chance!

  • Nice.

    Old Mordheim wonk myself (I even have a credit in the Annual), though these days I'd probably use some version of the Frostgrave rules instead of the old thing. 

  • @Steven StGeorges thanks bud. Of course I'll keep posting updates on this building and others to come

  • @JTam I use a cheap Box cutter knife for cutting the bricks

  • @Mark Dewis I also like the frostgrave rules but I prefer the old Mordheim rules 

  • I got to squeeze in some hobby time.

  • Here's the next building 

  • And a quick sketch for house number 3

  • A couple WIP shots 

  • A praise for your awesome work (and patience), I remember when on the old WD magazine there were some paper houses' plans for WH, but naturally these ones are REALLY different👍

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer T

    This is going to be an awesome table.  


  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Did you do sketches for all the houses?

    Feel like scanning them? ;)

  • @JTam no I only sketched the third.... because of boredom at a family dinner 

    I more like a chaotic builder,  I just start and see were it goes from there

  • And here's building number 3

    And now lets chill on the Couch with my wife and cut some shingles

  • Cutting those shingles was a pain in the rear

  • Next row houses

    So, lets shingle the row houses and the next building will be a temple/church

  • I know I said church but hear me out...

    I woke up this morning after dreaming about this exact house, so I had to start with it first

  • Todays progress

  • What are you using for the window and door frames? Is that scratchbuilt too, or some commercial product? Also, what thickness are your shingles - paperblock backer, cereal packaging, or something inbetween?

  • @Blutze the shingles are made from notepad backing. The rounded door frames are also made of this but the rectangular doors are simply Coffee stir sticks and/or balsa wood. The rounded windows are lego pieces and the rectangular windows are Coffee stir sticks again

  • The City of the damned keeps growing

    Another two big buildings and I have enough to Cover a 4x4. After them I can start with the scatter

  • Tinkering around with the basic Layout



  • 4 rattle cans of black and 2 cans of grey and we are ready for painting

  • Slaped on first browns 

    I also added some rubble... maybe I should have done that before priming....

    Next step is painting the stonework 

  • The current Status

  • I opted against modularity and for the looks, so the houses will have their fixed places but will be removable for storage. They still can be used on a gaming mat when different setups are necessary.

    The floor tiles are a tedious and time consuming work but worth the effort.

    Back to glueing

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    I missed a bunch of updates. 

    That table looks incredible.  

    Just awesome.

  • @JTam thanks mate. Now you will have to wait a bit longer between the updates as my vacation is over. 

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    That was one heck of a productive vacation.

  • A lot happened since the last update 

    All cork stone work was done

    I primed the board

    Added some washes and dry brushed the heck out of it

    I'll plan to use tile grout to fill the room between the floor tiles and activate it with water. Let's see how that'll work

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Nothing short of incredible!

  • @JTam well, thank you mate. My wife came up with a good question and I quote: "where the hell are going to store this?!"

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Just awesome ... another example of german efficiency.

    All wifes are saying the same you know :D

    Wish you the best of luck on the matter.

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