Not much left to catch up now.

  • Digital has been pretty good at catching up on the missing theme releases, but by my count we still have four missing:

    Word Ablaze Civilians (the female resistance *might* count, though I thought they were meant to be for the January Rebels and Revolutionaries. If they were for civilians, then that one is ticked off)

    Generic Civilians (in a pinch you might count the Death Fields robots. Or the Christmas gangster?)

    Decline and Fall Religion and Cults (advertised as Mithas cultists)

    Death Fields Religion and Cults (not sure if this was ever named. I want Robot Jesus)

    Plus Sea Dog content, but we have a week left in May.

    On top of the themes, there was the Christmas gangster, the launch pile and the Bocage and SF bases, the latter two not really lining up with any of the themes strongly. Which is cool.

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