Assault Troops

  • Couple of pictures of some Iron Core troops that I have slightly modified.

    New helmets, shoulder pads and pouches 3d printed, and a few other parts sculpted from green stuff.



    COntemplating whether to add some bits to the guns before I paint.

    Feedback much appreciated

  • Great work. Maybe add some Reddot sights or Scopes, ANPEQ/Laser devices and supressors 

  • Sights, scopes, perhaps even the occaisional underslung G/L? On the otherhand, there is the danger of overclutter, perhaps only 2-3 of those guys should get the goodies as upgrades.

    TI/IINF should be assumed integrated into the helmets, as with TACCOM, but is one of them carrying the squad Comms gear? 

    The radio backpack from the Einherjahr is a good option (which has found its way into the Damned offerings). The one off the Grognards command sprue is too big for squad use IMHO.

    I note the metal RPGs on 2 of the figures, where did you source these from?

  • Thanks for feedback.

    I think the stumpy rifles will get silencers.

    Longer rifle might get some sort of laser/target painting device.

    There is a designated grenadier, but I might go for a couple of seperate underslung just to break up the mix.

    Kept the original comms/power packs. They look practical.

    Unfortunatly the RPGs, shovels and water bottles that are randomly attached were from a big of parts so old I dont remember where I got them. They may have been 1/72 scale

  • The helmets are very beautiful, did you 3D printed them? On YouTube there are a lot of tutorials about painting camuflage's schemes on infantry.

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